Maze Ransomware group leak 76GB database from LG and Xerox after they fail to pay ransom


Maze ransomware group leaks 50.2 GB LG data and 25.8 GB Xerox data after both refuse to pay the ransom

We had reported on 27th June about LG Electronics being hacked into and infected with the Maze Ransomware. Similarly, on 1st July 2020, the Maze ransomware group also managed to infect Xerox Corporation. In both cases, the Maze ransomware group had demanded the companies pay the ransom amount or their internal database would be leaked on to the Maze group’s dark web website.

Both LG Electronics and Xerox Corporation refused to pay the ransom and as a result the Maze ransomware group today leaked tonnes of internal data from both corporations. The Maze ransomware group leaked 50.2 GB from LG’s internal network, and 25.8 GB of Xerox data.

Maze group had twice contacted both LG and Xerox to demand ransom and threaten data leak but both refused to pay the extortion money. When the Maze group realized that neither LG nor Xerox would pay up the ransom they leaked the internal documents of both companies on their official dark web website.

Maze ransomware group usually infects corporates by exploiting known vulnerabilities to hack into their servers. They start off by stealing confidential data stored on the servers and then encrypting the servers with their ransomware. They leave a Readme.txt note for the victim demanding a ransom to decrypt files.

Maze uses dual threats to extort money. If the victim refuses to pay the ransom amount for the decrypter, the group proceeds to leak bits and pieces of the victim’s confidential information on their dark web website to pressurize the victim to pay the money. If the victim still refuses, the Maze ransomware group leaks the full database on its website.

This is what happened with LG Electronics and Xerox Corporation. Both companies have refused to comment on the data leak.


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