Massive 160 meters Asteroid to Fly Past Earth on July 24 says NASA


Massive 160 meters Asteroid dubbed as 2020 ND to Fly Past Earth on July 24 says NASA

Asteroids are simply rocked leftover in space following the formation of the solar system, they are most commonly found in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars but are also seen orbiting planets. NASA estimates that there are roughly 1-million known asteroids. Asteroid 2020 ND will be 5 570 000 km from Earth as it passes by.

Dubbed as Asteroid 2020 ND, is classified as Near-Earth Object (NEO) and Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) by NASA. The estimated size of the asteroid is to be 160 meters or 520 feet in diameter but there is no cause to worry, as it will safely fly past Earth, as it has done at least five times before as per NASA records.

According to NASA, the Asteroid 2020 ND’s first recorded approach to Earth was on July 17, 1945, and it has since passed by the planet four more times and will now cross us again on July 24, 2020. After July 24, it is set to blow past Earth in 2035, then 2074, and then 2145 and so on. NASA doesn’t consider Asteroid 2020 ND a key scientific target. That designation is reserved for asteroids like 101955 Bennu, 10199 Chariklo, 16 Psyche, 243 Ida, 25143 Itokawa, 253 Mathilde, 433 Eros, and 4 Vesta.

Near-Earth object detection technology greatly improved about 1998, so objects being detected as of 2004 could have been missed only a decade earlier due to a lack of dedicated near-Earth astronomical surveys. As sky surveys improve, smaller and smaller asteroids are regularly being discovered. The small near-Earth asteroids 2008 TC3, 2014 AA, 2018 LA, and 2019 MO are the only four asteroids discovered before impacting Earth.

Scientists estimate that several dozen asteroids in the 6–12 m (20–39 ft) size range fly by Earth at a distance closer than the moon every year, but only a fraction of these are actually detected. You can also check the below picture that shows the previous years, this year and some future close asteroids that pass earth.

Massive 160 meters Asteroid dubbed as 2020 ND to Fly Past Earth on July 24 says NASA

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