Mark Zuckerberg discreetly distances Facebook in Twitter vs Trump fight


CEO, Mark Zuckerberg distances Facebook from Twitter vs Trump Fight, says FB content policy different

It’s a cataclysmic war that could change the way social media networks control the content on their platforms. It was started when Twitter in all its fine glory decided to label President Donald Trump’s tweets as misinformation. This not only shows the arrogance of Twitter and Jack Dorsey but also shows how biased Twitter actually is against the views not matching their own. It has been seen that Twitter bans users from a certain ideology under the slightest pretext but allows other accounts to continue operating even when they post communally sensitive content. Here is the tweet that started it all.

President Trump immediately issued a Executive Order preventing online censorship in social media networks. This order will now make social networks legally liable for posts by their users. The FTC will have to revisit Section 230(c) which allowed the long rope to the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to get away with their ludicrous censorship policies. The FTC will have to reinterpret the Section 230(c) and could make the social media networks punishable if any user complains of bias.

Twitter has long gotten away from scrutiny due to section 230(c) which allows it to be the judge, jury, and executioner of the content. President Trump’s EO will force FTC to reinterpret the section and make Twitter liable if it bans anybody without pretext as it did earlier.

Where does Facebook stand in the Twitter vs Trump fight?

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to get embroiled in the Twitter vs Trump fight. He today distanced himself from the fight saying the Facebook has different policy guidelines compared to Twitter. “We have a different policy I think than Twitter on this,” Zuckerberg told Fox News. Facebook CEO added that Facebook’s approach has “distinguished us from some of the other tech companies in terms of being stronger on free expression and giving people a voice.”

There is some truth in what Zuckerberg says. Facebook does apply labels to misleading posts and it exempts posts from leaders of political parties from review. Unlike Twitter, Facebook outsources its fact-checking to media partners and says it takes no stance itself.

The Twitter vs Trump spat become more aggressive after the coronavirus pandemic. Political pundits say that the Twitter’s hardened position has more to do with the upcoming US Presidential election than President’s tweets itself. Already the battle lines have been drawn between the Democrats siding media and President Trump’s Republicans and Twitter’s misdemeanor has more to do with this. The U.S. media is gleefully lapping up the Trump vs Twitter fight as it is known to be anti-Trump and anti-Republican.


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