How to make your Samsung Galaxy Note Camera a QHD 60fps, HDR recording Camera with this mod


Galaxy Note 8 Hack: Make your Galaxy Note 8 a QHD Camera with 60fps HDR recording with this Zero Camera Mod

Note: This method requires you to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You may have the best Android smartphone but you may notice that it is always missing something. Smartphone manufacturers make smartphones in such a way that their A smartphone has some features while B smartphone has other features. They will never sell a smartphone with all features combined. This is done to keep buyers interested in all their smartphones.

However, this does not mean that your Android smartphone is not capable of that particular feature. It is just a case of the smartphone manufacturer limiting the otherwise capable hardware. Take for example your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. After the great explosion fiasco of 2016, Samsung has really come out with a great smartphone in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with some great specs. The only issue is with the Galaxy Note 8 camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a great camera but it is not capable of things as record QHD video in 60 fps rates or 4K video with HDR enabled. However, if you know the right tools, you can enable these features in your Note 8 as it has all the specifications necessary for recording QHD video in 60 fps rates or 4K video with HDR enabled.

If you are a wannabe photography or an avid photography fan, you should enable this power user features on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using Zero Camera Mod. A point to remember is that you will have to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone which will void your warranty and also can brick your smartphone if not done correctly.

Our friends at XDA Forums have developed a Zero Camera Mod. The Zero Camera Mod isn’t just for the Galaxy Note 8 alone. It has other versions for other Android smartphones that also enable some features otherwise unavailable to almost all users. For the Galaxy Note 8, however, it has some goodies you won’t find anywhere, but even then, it depends on which Galaxy Note 8 model you have.

Here are the features common for both Snapdragon and Exynos variants:

• HDR for 4K / QHD
• AutoFocus Tracking all modes
• No Recording Time Limits
• Increased Bitrates
• Increased JPG quality for single and burst shots.
• Installs latest Samsung Camera revision
• Video Effects for modes 4K
• Remove No Flash limit at 15% battery

Here is a video showing you the difference between the camera of a normal Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Zero Camera modded Samsung Galaxy Note 8. See the difference and make your choice.

And, finally, Zero Camera Mod has features that are exclusive to the Play Store app:

• Remove 4GB video file size limit
• Adjust Photo Edge Sharpness & DeNoise settings (Exynos only currently)
• Custom Shutter Speed > 10 seconds
• Choose your own custom Gallery
• Custom bitrates for 1080p30, 720p, 1:1

You can also use the Zero Camera Mod on your Samsung Galaxy S7/s8 smartphones if you like the above results. The only issue is you have to root your smartphone. The Zero Camera Mod for the Galaxy Note 8 can be installed in two ways. First is via TWRP using the customary flashable ZIP. The second is via the Camera Mod N8 app that offers more features but is priced at $3.99.


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