Maharashtra govt. writes to Central govt. to ban the screening of Muhammed: The Messenger of God


Maharashtra Home Dept writes to Indian Central govt to stop the screening of the film “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” to be released on digital platform on July 21

The Maharashtra home department under Minister Anil Deshmukh has written to the Central government to stop the broadcast of the film “Muhammed: The Messenger of God. The film is slated to be released on digital platforms on 21st July 2020. The Maharashtra Home Minister has asked the central government to ban the film under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act,2000, and also to block the trailers, videos, content, comments, Facebook posts, or tweets regarding the film under the Information Technology Act(Amendment) 2008. The Home Department said that the request was made after receipt of a complaint from Raza Academy.

The film, Mohammed: The Messenger of God is a 2015 Iranian Islamic epic directed by renowned and Academy winning director, Majid Majidi and co-written with Kambuzia Partovi. According to Wikipedia, the film is set in the sixth century where the story revolves around the childhood of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The music for the film is composed by A. R. Rahman.

The film was successful in Iran. It was released at an estimated 143 theaters in Iran and the film premiere was held at the prestigious Montreal Film Festival on 27 August 2015.

The film was criticized by Egypt’s Al-Azhar University who called on Iran to ban the film. Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al Shaykh condemned the film, stating that “the film depicts the Prophet in an ‘untrue light'” and “undermines the important role he plays in Islam.  The Saudi Muslim World League (MWL) had also denounced the movie on account of scenes characterizing the body and figure of the Prophet.


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