Maharashtra Government extends Lockdown till 30th April 2020


Maharashtra CM: Uddav Thackeray says need to extend the lockdown; No option

As you know the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has affected people all around the globe. The countries affected by the Coronavirus or COVID-19 have declared a temporary lockdown to avoid the spread.

Looking at the current Indian Situation the State Governments of India have decided to extend the Lockdown period shortly to take hold over the pandemic. With the continuous increase in the Coronavirus cases, Maharashtra Government on Saturday decided to extend the ongoing lockdown period till April 30, hours after CM Uddav Thackeray attended a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi via conferencing from Mumbai.

In a live webcast, CM Uddav Thackeray said the lockdown, which was supposed to end on 14th April 2020, will be extended till 30th April 2020 in the view of the lack of any other options.

Maharashtra Government extends Lockdown till 30th April 2020

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