Longpressing any text brings Bing Search to your Android smartphone courtesy of Microsoft Outlook App


Microsoft sneakily adds Bing Search to Android smartphones functionality through newly updated Outlook email App

Microsft is adopting all methods to bring its Bing Search to the Android ecosystem. One such method was discovered by a Google Pixel user. On Android run smartphones/tablets, selecting any text and long-pressing it gives you the option of either dictionary, translate, or web search. But noted on Google forums that by long pressing on the text he/she got a new option- ‘Bing Search’.

Microsoft sneakily brings Bing Search to Android smartphones through newly updated Outlook email App

Ilija says that he/she doesn’t have any Bing App but has an Outlook App installed on the Google Pixel Android smartphone. The user added that deleting the Outlook App removes the Bing Search functionality from the long-press. ” No. I only had the Microsoft Outlook app installed. Pressing the “Bing Search” option would open result in a browser within the Outlook app. I removed the Outlook app and the Bing Search option is gone. Somewhat shady by Microsoft…,” the user said.

Android Authority also reported many other users noticing the Bing Search option after updating to the new Outlook App. However, it adds that the option doesn’t appear for all Android smartphone users.

Deleting the Outlook App removes this option so it looks like Microsoft has used Outlook App to sneak into the Android ecosystem. Other Microsoft apps don’t seem to introduce this feature while some say even updating their Outlook to the latest version doesn’t give them the Bing Search option.

Microsoft is doing nothing wrong by making Bing Search a part of Android functions. Sneaking in through Outlook App makes sense because the Outlook is one of the most popular and most downloaded email apps on Android. However, some Android smartphone users may not like having Microsoft’s Bing search option added and consider it rather shady like Ilija.

Neither Microsoft nor Google commented on how the Bing search option ended up on Android.


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