Lockdown survival : PUBG to add a new mode called ‘COLD FRONT SURVIVAL’ on 16 April 2020


PUBG fans will have a new PUBG mode called Cold Front Survival from April 16, 2020, with gun-totting drones

PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Grounds fans around the world will be in for a treat from 16th April. In an effort to make your lockdown stay more comfortable, PUBG is releasing a new mode called Cold Front Survival from 16th April 2020. The Cold Front Survival will take the players to a wintery playground with drones capable of shooting down enemies.

PUBG released a teaser image on Twitter highlighting the new Cold Front Survival “Band together to survive. Cold Front Survival is coming 4/16” based on the theme like Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming.

The Cold Front Survival will pave the way from drones entering gameplay. Drones or gun-totting drones have been sorely missing from PUBG gameplay. With drones allowing the users to have an advanced view of enemy positions.

The PUBG team tweeted on 11 April informing about the arrival of the new Cold Front Survival mode. The tweet shows a player holding the hand of his or her comrade-in-battle with severe cold conditions and snowstorm with the heading “Things are getting a bit…chilly here. Cold Front Survival is coming 4/16!”

So far drones have solely been missed in PUBG gameplay. Drones have featured in PUBG Mobile’s rival Call of Duty: Mobile, which allows players to use surveillance drone is they chose Mechanic class in its Battle Royale mode. Call of Duty : Mobile’s Scout also has sensor darts that reveal the whereabouts of enemies in a small radius through thermal imaging.

PUBG now follows Call of Duty by bringing drones into gameplay. If you are a fan of PUBG, you will be able to spend a week or so exploring the new gameplay and killing your enemies. If you are new to PUBG, you will be awestruck by the graphics the game presents on your mobile. That is spending the lockdown doing what you like best.



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