Linuxfx Distro for Linux looks and feels exactly like Windows 10


Linuxfx Distro: If you are sick of Microsoft and Windows 10, here is a Linux distro that looks and feels exactly like Windows 10 operating system

Microsoft and Windows 10 have their own league of fanbois but there are plenty of Windows 10 users who sick of its updates, patches, and fixes. These users want to start with Linux but are often worried that they might find Linux too complicating. Some of those want a Linux Distro which is similar to the Windows 10 operating system. We have Linux distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or elementary OS which have a very simple GUI but most Windows users like things spoon-fed and this is where the Linuxfx distro comes into play.

Linuxfx operating system makes your PC/laptop transition to Linux as smooth and easy as possible. After using it, Windows 10 users won’t even feel the difference in the interface. Linuxfx distro even has a very similar Windows 10 Start menu with a Windows Start button.

It also has its own Microsoft Cortana like digital assistant called Helloa. Linuxfx devs have tweaked Helloa to look and feel like Cortana. Linuxfx distro also has the usual default Windows 10 Apps like Skype, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Teams built-in. The devs even copied the icon of Microsoft Outlook for their native mail App, Evolution. Even the UI of Evolution makes users feel like they are using Outlook. The Linuxfx devs have also made the Linux Office suite, LibreOffice to run with a Microsoft Office theme.

Linuxfx is based on Ubuntu 20.04 with the Cinnamon desktop. The Linuxfx developer team has gone through a lot of pain to make the Linux distro an exact replica of Windows 10 to woo the Win 10 users. The devs feel that making Linuxfx look and feel like Windows 10 could make those who are sick of Windows 10 updates, patches, fixes, and bugs, adopt their distro.

If you would like to take a spin with Linuxfx distro, you can download it from here.



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