Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations

30 Oct 2014

Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations – Many people still and want to use china ROM Vibe UI 2.0 but they hindered by the absence of google applications, so today i will try to give you a guide on how to installing Vibe UI 2.0 on Lenovo S939 with root and google applications. But first let me tell you about Vibe UI 2.0, it china ROM without google applications and only support 2 language which is english and china only. Vibe UI 2.0 is the official release from Lenovo so this update will have many improvement and fix any bug from previous Vibe UI 1.5. This guide can only using recovery update mode, but this guide will erase your data so please do your own backup preparations.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR).

Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations

ROM Descriptions :

  • Build Number : S939_S921_VIBEUI_V2.0_1439_7.4.1_ST_S939_WC9F
  • Date : 25-09-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Language : English and China
  • Google Applications : No
  • Root : No
Requirement :
Downloads :
  • For Manual :
  • For OTA Update :
    • VibeROMFlash 4.6 Mb, tool to download and to flash Vibe UI 2.0 automatically (this software use china language).
  • Root Genius Download and install this application to your computer.
  • GMSInstaller Google Applications installer
Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations
  1. First this guide only can be done if your current firmware is china version, so please make sure you already meets the requirement. For OTA update, you must enable USB Transfer. after connect your phone to computer drag notification and select Touch for other USB options ↦ USB Transfer
    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations

  2. Just run the VibeROMFlash application, it will detect your device and start to locate the update. Once it found just press big green button in the middle of application (it mean “Start Download“), relay and wait download until finish. When progress bar reach 100% and click again the big green button (it mean “Start Upgrade“)
    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations

    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations
  3. Update will take sometime, so please be patient for a while. After successful update please restart your phone and confirm that you already on Vibe UI 2.0
    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations
    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations
  4. For Manual update, please move ROM file (without having to unzip it) to your external SD Card. Copy it on your SD Card root folder don’t inside the folder.
  5. Turn off your device, and then turn it on again with hold and press Power button + Volume Up until you can see recovery mode main menu.
    Lenovo S939 Update Vibe UI 2.0 with Root and Google Applciations
  6. On the recovery mode, please select Wipe Data / Factory Reset ↦ Delete All User Data
  7. Select Wipe Cache Partition ↦ Wipe Cache
  8. Select Advanced ↦ Wipe Dalvik Cache
  9. Back to recovery main menu then select Install zip from sdcard  Choose zip from sdcard point to your downloaded ROM.
  10. Done, Wait until finish and the reboot your device. First time boot will be take some time so please be patience.
  11. For Rooting :
    • Open the Root Genius that already installed on your computer.
    • Connect your device with USB Debugging enable, just wait let the Root Genius to find the driver and display your phone information
    • Click Big Green Button on the left bottom to root your device.
    • Done
  12. For Install Google Play Services :
    • Move GMSInstaller to your external SD Card
    • Install like usually, and if it need root access just allow it.
    • After successful install just reboot your device, and it will configure android system 
  13. Done
This guide is so long please read careful, if you wanna remove unwanted china applications, you can download and install vibeui_cleaner after rooting your device, this installed with recovery mode. Please leave any comments if you had problems regarding this guide.
  1. Hi andy…
    is that new recovery mode after update vibe ui 2.0 ?.
    Or it was a stock recovery. I din't update this os yet, its lenovo s939. And mine recovery mode is china language… im confused..

    1. So sorry for video request cannot fullfil it, if i wanna make video tutorial i need many requirement that i can fill it, so sorry for now i just can make this blog for helping people update, modified their Lenovo devices

    1. You can see on your about phone, on software 8nformation if there is ROW then your firmware is 8nternational version if not then your firmware is china version. And china version is just have 2 language on language option. So learn your firmware first before update it

  2. Yesterday I buy new s939 and had to change factory Indonesian language to english.

    out of book factory Specs: android 4.4.2 Baseband version
    MOLY.WR8.W1 315.MD.WG.MP.V34, 2014/02/24 14:43
    Build number VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_5_ST_S939

    I tried genius, vroot/iroot, framaroot, genius root, rootmaster and kingroot, none work.
    Only kingroot allows me root but I have to re-root after reboot.

    While rooted, I made backup with mtk droid root & tool v2.5.3.

    I also tried readback rom method with sp tools, always stops @ 800mb, nearly 75% completed because of usb disconnect.

    How do I root???
    Since one clicks and readback method didn't work for me, what is most stable rom & method you suggest that will work with my device without sacrificing functionality???
    Since I have backup with mtk tool backup, am I safe from bricking phone, just in case?

    1. hi,
      as far i know Android 4.4.2 cannot be root using one click method except using Kingroot, but it also not perfect, for perfect rooted on Lenovo S939 first you must install custom recovery on it and then install root through this custom recovery, you can use SuperSu or SuperUser with zip installer.
      for installing custom recovery to your device follow this guide http://bit.ly/1jsbGSw, this usiing custom recovery carlive touch, but if you wanna have Android 5.0 design with TWRP base you can follow this http://bit.ly/1JCp0og after finish just install root application.
      Hardbrick cannot fix with backup from mtk tool, IMEI need backup NVRAM, but if you already have backup at least you have safe 75% from bricking your device.

  3. VIBEUI_V2.0_1507_7.9.1_ST_S939 and I just installed GMSInstaller and its successed but after reboot and i start using google play services it was "unfortunetly goggle has stopped" what should i do with it??TQ

    1. Mr Andy..Recently my phone was OFF because of draining of battery and after fully charging i try to ON it but cannot be ON anymore..I mean it can be ON but just up to the logo only then it will be hanging..Do you have any method on it??Terimakasih Pak..

  4. i have update and my google play is missing.i download the google play and google play service in lenovo store but it keep force close.i also install the gms tools but nothing happen.please help me.

  5. Root genius link you provided is now no longer available, they published the new version and it not working with the old GMS tools. Could you please help send the version 1.8.7(above links) to the email to [email protected]

    Would be much appreciated for your help since I tried many times already and didn't work at all.


  6. Its been hours since i started root my phone using root genius. Stuck at 79% and i dont know what to do. huhu. Please help me. My phone is lenovo s939 with baseband 4.4.2 and MOLY.WR8.W1 315.MD.WG.MP.V34, 2014/02/24 14:43
    Build number VIBEUI_V1.5_1439_5_ST_S939.

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