Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root

15 Jul 2014

Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root – How to update Lenovo S939 with Vibe UI v1.5 Android Kit Kat 4.4.2, this guide will show you. Please remember if you follow this guide it can brick your device so please consider it. Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 already come for Lenovo S939, it called Vibe UI v1.5, the latest is version S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1427_2_ST. This ROM only has EN and CN languages only and does not include with Gapps (Google Apps) but with this guide we will try to install this ROM, ROOT and Install Gapps, this guide is dangerous please consider it if you wanna follow it.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR).

Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root

Downloads :

Preparations :
  • First thing i would recommend you is backup your current ROM, Use MTK Droid Tool to do full backup. How to Make Full Backup For Mediatek Device
  • Backup your IMEI using MobileUncle MTK Tool, sometime flashing ROM become unstable and erase your IMEI.
  • Back up all your file, because this guide will erase all save files on your device.
  • Please install MT65XX Preloader Vcom Driver on your computer first, This need to install manually. Turn off your device and remove your battery, connect your device to your computer. When your computer ask for a driver please point it to MT65XX Preloader Vcom Driver extracted folder. After finish installation process please look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager ↦ COM (Port & LPT).
    Lenovo S920 Upgrade Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 with Gapps + Root
  • After your computer recognize your phone like above picture, now move S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1427_2_ST or S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423Vibe UI CleanerKingUser v3.3.6 and Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2 to your sd card. for easy organize please place it on one folder.
  • Disconnect your phone.
Notes :
if  S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1427_2_ST error and installation then change the files with S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 this is an alternative ROM file with ROOTED and already include Gapps. so when you using S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 file you don’t not required to follow step 4

Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
  1. Installing Official CN Stock ROM Lenovo S939
    • Extract S939_S129_140217 and SP_Flash_Tool_v5.13448 on your computer, go to SP_Flash_Tool_v5.13448 extracted folder and run Flash Tool, if you are using windows 7 then run it with administrator privileges. 
    • On Flash Tool go to Options ↦ Download  tick the DA DL All with Check Sum
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root

    • Now click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to S939_S129_140217/target_bin/MT6592_Android_scatter, wait for SP Flash Tool for loading and process the needed files to flashing.
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
    • After all set, now click Download button or hit CTRL+D
    • Turn off your device remove the battery and connect to your computer. If you successful install  MT65XX Preloader Vcom DriverSP Flash Tool will recognize your device and begin to start flashing process. Progress bar will be show on the bottom of SP Flash Tool. Flashing process will be take 5-6 minutes just wait until it pop up GREEN circle with Download OK information.
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
    • Now you can disconnect your devices.
  2. Installing Carliv Touch Recovery v2.4
    • Installing carliv touch recovery is quite enough same with installing official CN stock ROM, but using the different files.
    • Open and run Flash Tool, go to Options ↦ Download  tick the DA DL All with Check Sum
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
    • Now click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to CTRv2.4_S939/MT6592_Android_scatter, this will load only recovery.img to it  recovery partition.
      Lenovo S939 Update Kit Kat Vibe UI v1.5 + Gapps + Root
    • After all set, now click Download button or hit CTRL+D
    • The process will be same like before, now Turn off your device remove the battery and connect to your computer. SP Flash Tool will begin to start recovery flashing process the progress bar will be show at the bottom, and when it finish it will show GREEN circle with Download OK information.
    • Now you can disconnect your devices. Now your device status is CN firmware with Carliv Touch custom recovery.
  3. Installing Vibe UI v1.5 1427_2_ST or Vibe UI v1.5 1423
    • Go to recovery mode,  press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down until your device show recovery mode.
    • On recovery mode, Select Install zip from sdcard ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ point to S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1427_2_ST or S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 , Carliv Touch v2.4 will begin flashing the S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1427_2_ST or S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 to your device. The process will take 2-3 minutes wait until completely finish.
    • After finish, back to main menu again select  Install zip from sdcard ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ point to Vibe UI Cleaner this will remove un wanted chiness applications.
    • Back to main menu again, if you wanna stop you can choose Reboot System Now but if you wanna install Gapps and Rooting your device, stay on the recovery mode and continued to next step.
    • If you installing S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 then this is the last step, don’t need to follow Step 4 because S939_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423 already ROOTED and include Gapps
  4. Installing Google Applications and Rooting
    • Now you on recovery mode main menu, Select Install zip from sdcard ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ point to Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2. This will install Google Applications on your device running Vibe UI v1.5.
    • When finish installing Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2, now back to main menu again and select Install zip from sdcard ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ point to KingUser v3.3.6 this will root your device using KingUser v3.3.6 application.
    • Finish, now your device already running Android Kit Kat + Include Gapps + Rooting
    • Verified if your device already ROOTED with Root Checker download from Google Play Store
  5. Finish – Lenovo S939 Vibe UI v1.5 + Root + Gapps
Thus guide is long, so please read careful when you wanna follow this guide. Leave any comments if you don’t understand what you going to do. I hope this guide can help you solve your problems and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments regarding this guide. 
    1. Hello,
      For vibe ui v2.0 i still cannot make google play to work because it different with vibe ui v1.5 but 8f you want we can try vibe ui v1.5, but it up to you. Leave you skyoe contact and i will soon contact you once i am available
      Thank you

    1. "If you google, "Code 10", you will find that on a Windows system it is an error code generated by the Device Manager "because it can not start a device". In a nut shell, the most likely cause for this is because the device was not properly installed with the right drivers.

      If you are running Windows, you can try to use the attached file called USBReview to see what device that is as you know it is your phone. Basically, with this program you can remove all the old drivers and start all the driver installation again.

      Try to find your phone either here on xda, on the web or contact your phone's manufacturer – you need drivers!!!

      Good luck, Mr. Phelps at xda dev"
      USB Review – http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?s=e0e4184827295874d2e897cdfd6c7678&attachmentid=1236660&d=1343886482

  1. i might want to ask is if there are a big difference between Kinguser and SuperSU applications.. does this 2 application can be installed together? or just need 1 of this applications? im very curious about this 2 type off root apps

    1. Hi,
      Actually is same application, kinguser is most use by china firmware and supersu is most for international and android 4.2. Because i heard it difficult to install supersu on android 4.4,
      Just install 1 supersu or kinguser, they both have same function.

    2. Hai Andy, need your advice.

      Officially upgrade S939 from 4.2.2 to UI 2.0 4.4.2 using Lenovo Smart Assistant, after upgrade and install gapps my phone always hang. Cant swipe to unlock screen even using power button. I need to press long power button to reboot than only can be use.

      If i flash using the firmware above, who'd be happen a same thing or need special tool to repair it?

    3. @penaga,
      i hope it not.
      but for your problems are you already try to factory reset your device first ?
      because i think can't swipe to unlock problem it look like that your device is lag and need to reboot.
      this above guide is also use Android 4.4.2 so it not Android 4.2.2 if you wanna install Android 4.2.2 you can follow this link http://bit.ly/1wEpWA5

    4. Andy, already done factory reset delete all user data, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache.. It will happen after my phone on standby mood.

      For yr info previous version jelly bean 4.2.2 officially upgrade from lenovo to VIBEUI V.2.0

    5. if i root my mob s898t+ ( golden warrior ) with the firmware which you mentioned in the topic
      i will work ????
      if i had done it can i re root my warrior to the last firmware ????
      moreover s898t+ don't receive Hsdpa signal if i root with s939 firmware it will receive Hsdpa signal ????
      thnx best regard

    6. Hi and thanks Andy, for your detailed tuturial.
      Here we use to say that wisdom doesnt take sapece to be stored.

      One question before deciding to Update/Root my S939,: Can we install other languages after Root/Falsh ROM? For instance Portuguese?

      Thanks in advance!

    1. i am afraid there is no new ROM for your device, suck shame great device with great specification but still using jelly bean ROM. try search at needrom.com for custom ROM, official they not release any new ROM again

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