Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version

04 Dec 2014

Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version – After writing and posting Restore Standard Recovery for Lenovo S820, there some of my reader that ask me to make another guide for Lenovo S930. So today i will make a guide on how to restore Lenovo Standard Recovery for Lenovo S930, this is only for ROW version firmware and cannot be apply to china version firmware.
This guide is also can done using MobileUncle application, but it need your Lenovo S930 to be ROOTED, so i will write this guide using flash tool method so everybody can follow it. Following this guide may brick your device so please do this guide with careful.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version

Requirements :

  • Your device must be ROOTED, if you wanna use MobileUncle to restore your Lenovo Standard Recovery.
  • Your device must running ROW version firmware with Build Number same with the downloaded recovery file. (never try different Build Number for flashing)
  • This can only be use for ROW version firmware, don’t attempt to try on china version firmware. It will brick your device.
Downloads :
  • USB VCOM Driver ↦ Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version
  • ROW_S215_140714_Recovery contains recovery file for firmware version ROW_S215, this file also can be flash using MobileUncle application.
  • ROW_S218_141106_Recovery ↦ contains recovery file for firmware version ROW_S218, this file also can be flash using MobileUncle application.
  • SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352 flash tool for flashing recovery file to your devices, recommended to use this version only.
Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version
  1. Download all files on your computer, because this guide using flash tool than you must be confirm that USB VCOM driver is installed completely on your computer before continued to the next step.
  2. Extract recovery file and flash tool on the same folder, now go to flash tool extracted folder and run flash_tool.exe, if you are using windows 7 or later please run using administrator privilege to avoid any permission error.
  3. On the flash tool, go to Options ↦ Option ↦ Download and make sure you have already check DA DL All with Checksum option, if not just check it. Click [x] to close the options windows and back to flash tool
    Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version
  4. Back on the flash tool, click on Scatter-Loading button (1), and point it to recovery file extracted folder and select MT6582_Android_scatter.txt, once you select the file it will also load recovery image file to flash tool.
  5. On download option select Download Only (2) 
    Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version
  6. When everything is set up, now you can press Download Button (4), flash tool will become stand by mode and ready make connection with your device.
  7. Now turn off your device and remove the battery, after couple of second connect your device to computer using USB cable. Flash tool will recognize your device and start to begin flashing process, the process will only take 5-10 second and will be finish once you can see GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of flash tool.
    Lenovo S930, How to Restore Lenovo Standard Recovery ROW Version
  8. Done, You have successful restore your Lenovo Standard Recovery on your Lenovo S930, please confirm it with go to recovery mode. Press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down and release it until you can see lenguage option.
Congratulations, you have successful restore Lenovo Standard Recovery on your devices, please leave any comments if you found some problem or broken link regarding this gude. Thank You
  1. hi am using a rooted s930, i am unable to install the recent update S930_ROW_S215_140714 _TO_S930_ROW_S218_141106(331mB),it says OTA installation failed…so I unrooted my phone and tried to install the update, it failed again.

    Will the above tutorial help me to fix this? and also how can i do that with mobile uncle….which option should i choose? thank you 🙂

    1. Hi,
      OTA update can only be installed from standard recovery only, if you already change it to custom then you cannot install it anymore. If you success then yes this guide will help you obtain your update.
      On mobile uncle just select recovery uodate menu, but first move the recovery image on your external sd card first

  2. My S930 current firmware is S930_S1291_131030. Is this China based firmware? My phone don't have any chinese software, so I doubt about firmware version. I try to connect my phone to PC and check update using Lenovo Smart Assistant, and my phone got new update but I afraid if I straight away install this update without restore standard Lenovo recovey, my phone will brick. Can I use your method to install standard Lenovo recovery?

  3. Dear Andy

    I have problem to connect my s930 to the computer, i try every thing but still the computer did not reconise g my lenovo, please advice me with the details to make my computer connect to my phone
    Thank you in advance

    1. hi,
      when connecting to computer try open device manager and see if the USB can know that your device is already connect, from your comment i don't know the problems. Are you difficult to install driver or the usb cannot know that device already connect

  4. Dear Andy.
    Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
    When I connect the phone to the computer, the connection appear in device manager but just "Unknown device" with yellow triangle over the USB. I install the program that you recommend (USB VCOM DRIVER) but remail same " Unknown Device"
    Thank you for your help

    1. Thank you for your reply
      is there any specific way to install USB VCOM port? I install it 2 times and still same, also when I unzip the file that i download from your site always said that there is 2 exe file so I rename the other file and also i try to ignore the message also same. if there any explanation how to install it will be appreciated

    2. But sorry ahmed, my usb vcom driver is not contains any exe file. It driver files that install manually look at this :
      Before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.

  5. Dear Andy

    I try what you told me but when I direct the update to the extracted file a message appear said that the device have the best software and nothing changed

    Note: when i unzip the file that you upload i got message said that the file have 2 exe with the same name so once i kept both and rename one and tried but also nothing happen, second i ignored the second file and delete it and directed the update to extract file and also same problem, please advice if can do any thing to fix it?


  6. Dear Andy,

    My phone is still not recognized by my computer, also i cannot download the USB VCOM Driver from 4shred i try many times but cannot always take me to page to download but when click on download link nothing happen, will you pleas upload it again?

    Thank you

  7. hi andy..now im using s218 141106 row..got problem with contact manager..contacs lost…hang when acess to dialer..before this use s118..already reset factory setting but keep on repeating same proble..how can i downgrade back to s118?

    1. andy..succesfully instal s215 to my s930..thanx..but seems to be same problem…contact hang and lagging…i think myb better i instal s119/s118…by the way..do you have link for that file?or shuold i use customized ?

    2. try to do factory reset firrst and see if the problem still exist
      if factory reset not solve the problem the you can do re flash, for S119, i only have the S215 for the lowest version, try to update OTA and get the latest version.

  8. hello,

    1)i’m using S930 china base version 2013 and the android is 4.2.2..i have flash twrp custom recovery, but i’m stuck on boot screen then the phone restart normally. i lost the recovery menu. how i can get back my original recovery menu?

    2)i want upgrade the 4.2.2 android version to the latest version.. so how to that? it can brick my phone?

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