Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2

05 May 2014

Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2 – After give guide on how to Upgrade Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI, then for today’s post i will share on how to install MIUI v5 on Lenovo S920. When this post was write MIUI v5 for Lenovo S920 already release on version 4.3.8, after using MIUI v5 almost 2 weeks i will try to give a little review about MIUI v5 on Lenovo S920.

Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Advantage MIUI v5 on Lenovo S920 :

  • Support Dual SIM
  • All functions working with great
  • Already Rooted 
  • All in one package download, enable to download themes, icons, wallpapers, and etc in one application.
  • External SD Card already default write disk. All applications data, photos, musics, downloads and etc default save at SD Card
Disadvantage MIUI v5 on Lenovo S920
  • Cannot use OTA update, download manual if you wanna update.
  • Edit operator name function only can be apply on SIM1
  • Icon on application drawer cannot be sort, so must manual move in order to sort it.
  • Not a final custom rom, update every weeks
ScreenShots :
Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2
Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2
Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2
Lenovo S920 update with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2
Downloads :
How to :
  1. reboot to CWM Recovery mode
  2. do Wipe Data / Factory Reset → [Yes]
  3. do Wipe Cache Partition → [Yes] 
  4. go Advanced → Wipe Dalvik Cache → [Yes]
  5. select Install from sdcard → choose zip from sdcard → install miui_s920_eyealan_4.3.8_54a9b970d4_4.2.zip → [Yes]
  6. wait installation process, installation process will be done in just 5 minutes. After finish reboot your Lenovo S920.
  7. First time booting will take 3-5 minutes so please be patient.
  8. Done.
Now you already has successful installing a custom rom to your Lenovo S920 with MIUI v5 4.3.8 Android 4.2 i hope this guide can be useful thank you for reading.
  1. This ROM have Italian language? If not can you suggest me one ROM stable 100%with Italian lenguage built-in for my Lenovo s920 yesterday I try to put a ROM row s117 and I've done trought flash tool with your tutorial but this ROM not have Italian :(pls broth help me!!

    1. I think i has, lenovo has 2 kind of firmware, CN that only has 2 languages chinese and english, and ROW international ROM it has multi language even italian. You can seacr t thus blog about ROW or you can follow this guide to install MIUI firmware to your device

    1. U mean I should have cwm in my phone…?
      This ROM can be auto to miui 5 or 6..?
      If I want to use my earlier ROM what should I do..?
      Backup with mtk droid tools n flash back using flash tool.?
      I have problem in using flash tool…my adb drivers cannot detects my phone is my phone is switched off…can u help me…??
      Sorry my English is bad..hope u understand…

      Thank you Andy…

    2. Hi
      Better have the backup and problem with flash tool, if you wanna change your rom to custom you must have custom recovery for installation, without it you will get error when install custom rom.
      My suggest is make backuo with mtk droid tool first

    1. Hi,
      I think it support multilanguage but it base from cn version, yes i think it same. Different just if it download from your site than it official release from miui. But i think it same. Sorry for my unsure answer because i am forget, i install it 3-4 month ago.

    1. Hello kind sir,I've success download and flashing this ROM,thank you..but I have another problem,when I try to install Google service framework it said that there was a problem parsing the package..do u have any solution for this sir?please help me again.

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