Lenovo S920 Install CWM Recovery

Lenovo S920 Install CWM Recovery

Lenovo S920 Install CWM Recovery – Recovery on an android phone is a place to Install, Update, Backup, Restore and etc. We can optimize recovery use with installing custom recovery know as CWM Recovery. Default recovery on android phone for the most part don’t provide any other function such as backup / restore, partition sd card, clear partition cache, etc.
The most important on the use of custom recovery is an ability to do a Nandroid Backup, What is Nandroid Backup ?? on easy way Nandroid Backup is backup all your phone contents in the form of image file, in computer world it like clone your disk. Installing custom recovery can make your android phone bricked if not done with careful.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Do with your own risk rooting void your device warranty.

I will guide you to the easiest way to install custom recovery, but is still have a big risks if you not do with careful, so consider it again if you wanna do next step.
How to Lenovo S920 install CWM Recovery
  1. Your device must be root first
  2. Download custom recovery :
  3. Extract it, move recovery.img file to your sd card, recommend place it on sd card root don’t inside the folder
  4. Install Mobile Uncle App from Google Play Store
  5. Once installed, launch it
    Lenovo S920 install CWM Recovery
  6. Select Recovery Update
    Lenovo S920 Install CWM Recovery

  7. Wait until Mobile Uncle Application finish searching recovery file, Select the recovery under Recovery file in SDCard.Click OK
    Lenovo S920 Install CWM Recovery
  8. Wait until installation finish, and it will ask you to reboot into recovery, Click OK and confirm that your phone boot into cwm recovery.
After successfully install custom recovery on Lenovo S920, I hope you now can enjoy the benefit of custom recovery. Always do Nandroid Backup before customize your phone, it very helpful. I hope this guide can help you and thank your for reading. Please share it if you think this helpful…

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7 years ago

I have installed TWRP, for installing latest update how can i revert to stock recovery for 8gb ROW ?

7 years ago
Reply to  Kumaran

I don't have stock recovery maybe you can seacrh at lenovo s920 forum and ask for rexovery srock file
Thank you

5 years ago
Reply to  Kumaran

kumaran, it easy way to find the row in lenovo furum russian.they provide all the rom that we need. i already try it..there are 4gb and 8gb row..