Lenovo S860 Flashing Android Kit Kat 4.4 Tutorial + Gapps

10 Jun 2014

Lenovo S860 Flashing Android Kit Kat 4.4 Tutorial – Here you can find step by step on how to install / flashing Lenovo S860 with Vibe UI v1.5, What so interesting with this Vibe UI ? Vibe UI called official custom by Lenovo User and this ROM using Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) for it base. So it very interesting because it using the newest update for Android Source. In this guide will be divided into severals sections like Warning, Requirements to be fulfilled, Downloads sources, Flashing step to follows,  etc with all these sections i hope you can easily to understand on how to flashing Vibe UI v1.5 to your Lenovo S860.

Lenovo S860 Flashing Android Kit Kat 4.4 Tutorial + Gapps

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

This guide already update i am adding how to Root and install Gapps i hope this guide can help you solve your problems, thank you for visiting…

Requirements :

  • This ROM cannot be flashing if your current ROM is ROW (International ROM for Lenovo Device). so if your current ROM is ROW then you must be flashing it to CN ROM (Original ROM for Lenovo Device).
  • Enable USB Debugging, for enable it please go to System Settings ↦ Developer Options ↦ USB Debugging tick it option to enable it. Using this options computer will able to recognize your device.
  • Custom Recovery must be installed. You can use TWRP or CWM for custom recovery, Install using Mobile Uncle MTK Tools
Downloads :
Lenovo S860 Flashing Android Kit Kat 4.4 Tutorial

  1. Copy or move all downloaded file from your computer to your device. after that rename S860_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_7_ST to update.zip
  2. Reboot into Recovery Mode, this can be done using Mobile Uncle MTK Tools or by pressing combination buttons. For combination buttons turn off your device, wait until perfect shutdown then press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down (Volume Buttons) wait until device go into Recovery Mode then release the buttons.
  3. This TWRP will be on chinese language, on TWRP main menu select Wipe ↦ Slide to Factory Reset
  4. Back to TWRP main menu again, select Wipe ↦ Cache
  5. Back again to TWRP main menu, now it time for us to install update.zip  to our device. Select Install ↦ Choose zip from sd card ↦ Navigate to update.zip ↦ Slide to install, wait the process until completely finish.
  6. When installation successful finish please repeat step 3, this needed to avoid any boot failure when your phone do first booting.
  7. (Revision – 12-06-2014) I just realized when one of my reader contact me and said that on Mobile Uncle MTK Tools write UNROOT on upper left. This Vibe UI Custom Recovery cannot be install via Mobile Uncle MTK Tools because lack of ROOT access. So to install it follow this below guide.
    • Download additional files i am already add on the download section, extract it together with Vibe UI Custom Recovery
    • Install Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Driver to your computer, this need to install manually so turn off your device completely and connect to your computer, if your computer need driver file then navigate to Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Driver extracted folder.
    • Go to SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1328.0.183 and run Flash_Tool.exe
    • Check DA DL All With Check Sum options, click on Scatter-Loading button and navigate to MT6582_Android_Scatter. Now check on RECOVERY on flash tool and navigate to Vibe UI Custom Recovery 
      Lenovo S860 Flashing Android Kit Kat 4.4 Tutorial + Gapps
    • When all set hit on Download button or press F9. While on turn off condition connect your device to computer, when driver install completely flash tool will recognize the device and start the flashing process.  This will mark with progress bar begin with RED BAR, and after a minute or two YELLOW BAR and if it finish will be mark with GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of flash tool.
      Warning :  Don’t interrupt the flashing process, or your device will be brick
    • Now you can disconnect your device and try to turn it on. This process will flashing custom recovery to your device, continued to next step for root and gapps installations. 
  8. For Rooting please go Recovery Mode you can press and hold Power buttons + Volume Up + Volume Down. When you in Recovery Mode main menu select Install ↦ Navigate to SuperSu v1.97 this process will install ROOT on your device for installing Gapps Minimal 4.4.2 please repeat this step but navigate file to Gapps Minimal 4.4.2
  9. Done, now you have Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 with ROOTED and Gapps installed. 
Congratulations now you already have Lenovo S860 installed using Vibe UI v1.5 Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat), please consider the risk before follow this guide because flashing your device can make your device brick and cannot be use again. Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments if you getting problem regarding this tutorial. Thank You
  1. I don't have those options on the S860. I get Çhinese/English…then English: reboot, install update package, wipe user date, poweroff. I managed to update to kitkat by renaming the kitkat zip to update.zip. Then install update package. But after that I try to do the same trick with gapps. Didn't work. Then I put all .apk files in the root of the phone by hooking it to the pc. When I click it they install, one by one. But gmail for instance doesnt woirk. Maybe because there is no sdcard? It has internal memory like Iphone. So there is no 'choose zip from SD'. Any idea how to do this?

    1. Wow! Very useful trick with 7x tapping on build info = now have a developer option ON and connect to PC is possible. Many thanks, Andy. It helps!

      Now I will think about to root the phone (for back up). So how to root the phone? (I am a bit afraid of brickin´my phone …) 🙂


    2. Step 7 looks to dangerous to me, I am afraid to brick this phone, maybe is possible to install custom recovery from phone itself? To put the image of custom recovery to phone root and reboot to recovery by pressing combination buttons? Is it possible this way?

    3. the only way to install recovery is with MobileUncle MTK Tool, can be download from google play. But this application need root to be work. so if your device not ROOTED yet then the only choice is using SP Flash Tool, bricked phone can add experience in learning. 🙂

    4. @Andy funny idea to gain experience from brickin´ the phone… but it cost me much for brick it 🙂
      Also heard about simple rooting the MTK devices on MTK chipset basis, is there any possibilities? Thanks.

    5. actually rooting MTK devices is very easy but the hard is rooting kit kat, If you not using Kit Kat one click framaroot can easy root your device.

      Tap your Android Version in about menu for several times until it Show KIT KAT Logo then press and hold that KIT KAT logo. see what happen.

    6. Heard about Framaroot, but S860 are´nt between supported phones on FR´s web. Have you tried it with S860, and working (which of fairy tales hero will work? some of dwarfs? 🙂

      P.S. useful trick I meant 🙂 not easter egg 🙂

    7. Yes framaroot can root s869 but with cn or row firmware, framaroot cannot root vibe ui because it using android kitkat.
      Easter egg, hahahahaha it cool right not everyone knows about it. The common tricks is like swap internal to sd card, repartition your internal memory, etc?

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your answer. What I did is I renamed the ROM to update.zip. Then it installed KITKAT. After that I took the gapps zip and put it in the root of the phone. I don't see a virtual SD. Do you mean I need to rename the gapps zip to update.zip as well? I tried that and then from recovery I used that same option I used to install the ROM. It started that update proces as well but it showed the X after running till 90% or so.
    Vibe UI I didn't install yet..hmm..maybe very noob question, but do I have to put that Mobile Uncle MTK on the phone?

    1. So on your phone there is no internal storage?
      This gapps can be install through custom recovery describe on step 7, when you already install it through mobile uncle then need go to rexovery mode and after that install gapps

    1. Hello, I found only TWRP folder in phone memory (bought on eBay from China, updated to KitKat and with Google services instaled). Cannot find in KK setings : System Settings ↦ Developer Options ↦ USB Debugging? Where to find it? Alerady I have MTK driver on my PC, but only charging phone, unable to connect.

      Install TWRP from GooglePlay?

      Thanks & Regards.


    2. how to install custom recovery first? I downloaded and install drivers for Win7 x64, reboot, but still nothing happened after connect phone via USB….? in system setting of the S860 theres no USB debugging options (requires root?)



    3. Sorry for late publish your comment, you have already kitkat and google services why you need to follow this guide? Developer option by default hidden from user, to show it tap 7x on build number in about phone menu

  3. Hello Andy
    My s860 was autoupdated to 4.4.2.
    vibeui_v1.5_1423_7_ST_S860 and now appears as brick for me with chinese soft.

    So I started from step 7. Flash tool warned me that "not ALL images are correctly loaded…" the path is correct. Nothing happens when proceed.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  4. Hello Andy
    Thank you for answers.

    1. Concerning first message "So I started from step 7. Flash tool warned me that "not ALL images are correctly loaded…" – the question solved after correct PRELOADER DRIVER installation. By default windows 8×64 doesn't see any problem and driver needs manual change.

    2. gaps Minimal installed, but no "play store" can be found at all. Tried manually copy to system/apps different googles .apk by ROOT EXPLORER in mount R/W regyme, but they not appeared after paste.
    And what is more confusing google account doesn't sync at all (sync error) 🙁

    1. Are your device already has custom recovery ?
      Already Rooted ?
      because this guide already has been try and it has no problem with the gapps like you said. but to make sure i already change the gapps link.
      Thank you for your comments

    2. Yes. Everything was done accordingly to step 7.
      In order to start with scratch I reseted from android. I lost start-up setting and input method! Only "google voice" left. So I dare to reset from TWRP…
      “Formatting system using make_ext4fs function. Updating partition details…”
      and lost all the data and OS! But now have pretty black brick with TWRP only without any idea how to revive it, if possible.
      Please, help.

    3. If you positively already install twrp then just download S860_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_7_ST and install it from twrp after that download SuperSu v1.97 to root your device, after successful install vibe ui and root device try to boot normally install mobile uncle reboot to recovery, download Gapps Minimal 4.4.2 and install it from twrp. Done

    4. hello Andy, is possible solve problem with ROM S860_VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_7_ST on my phone (still not rooted 🙂 and fix no caller ID in Europe? I have only some chinese signs, so I must set caller ID to OFF. Is possible to fix it a have calle ID European? Thanks.

    5. @Andy no, it´s not about to hide/unhide your telephone number. On my older Zopo with android 4.1.2 the number prefix of caller telephone number will be displayed as a number from city etc. (and identified as a caller from Prague, Berlin….) not mobile numbers, fix numbers I mean.

      At VIBEUI 1.5 are displaed only some chinese signs (marks) not caller locations in english… do you know how to fix it?


    6. So you means the caller id is show but in chinese language? Than maybe the problem is there is no translation on caller app yet. Need more time for dev to translate it. If that your problem then sorry i cannot help because it need to modified the firmware

    7. oh no no, in menu calling – more features and settings – location => display number´s location (on/off) and submenu Update location database (displays only chinese marks not EU locations, maybe only displays chine locations not EU´s)

    8. Yes maybe i think that a miss dor translate in english, maybe need more time to dev to make translate about that menu. If i think as long as call can be made and another function work than i think it ok still can be used for daily. That because vibe ui develop by chinese dev so maybe need more time

    9. Yep, you´re right. Can live without it. 🙂 more can be see here, some guy on xda-developers says :

      "I have an S860 (1GB) bought from China obviously and when I received it it had no gapps and no caller id in Europe which was annoying.

      What I did:
      1. Installed 4.2.2 ROW Version (also when I flashed it I put a custom recovery image TWRP 2.7)
      2. After I flashed it I installed root and modem for 3G calls from custom recovery".


    10. But it ROW 4.2.2, i think Vibe UI using 4.4, are they same? If the file modem is same that it ok to do it but is not same it can brick your device. I did not really understand about your problem, if you don't mind please describe it to email me [email protected] if you could with picture or ss on it. I would like to find solution about the problem, but only if you want. Thank you for advanced

  5. Thank you for reply,can i know how to reinstall original ROM or is there anyway to update the auto updated file?they recently release a 51mb zip file to fix some bugs from 4.4.2.looking forward to heard from you.Thank you

  6. Hi Andy,
    I tried the 7 step, but I have got a warning message, what you didn't mentioned : https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2l9fwo8givest5/tool.png "not all images are correctly loaded.." Is it a 'normal' message? Before I hit yes I think that I wrtie to you. By the way strange thing happened two of my computer (one with 8.1 win and one with 7 both 64bit) in the device manager the MT6582 thing first appear and then when the phone start charging disappear. Is it a normal thing?
    thank you for your kind help!

  7. sorry for bothering you again. So I started step by step. first enable usb. use mtk tool to open TWRP (10 mb img) do a factory reset and cashe wipe. After tried to run update.zip but it said not supported. So what is still not clear to me, that I have ROW ROM, and I have to flash it CN ROM, how is it possible? (maybe the 7 step?) sorry for this silly question!

    1. It ok, i will explain to you once again. This guide need your current rom is cn version, already rooted and already using custom recovery, requirement number 3. Custom recovery can be install using mobileuncle if your ROM already rooted.
      After that just follow the step 1-5, step 7 is do when you already successful install vibe ui v1.5 on your device. Step 7-8 is for rooting and install gapps on vibe ui v1.5
      Now i hope you understand.


    1. Hi
      When you follow step1-6 your phone will have android 4.2 with custom recovery twrp installed on your phone. With this custom recovery you will be able to install android 4.4 vibe ui and install gapps on it.
      Thank you

    1. hi,
      i am already update the guide maybe you can look once again, thank you for your information.
      and for caller id i cannot fix it because it include with ROM, so we must find alternate using 3rd party caller id or just wait for developer update.

      Thank you

    1. hi,
      i am already update download link, previous is download vibeui v2.0 that not fit with gapps, now when you download you will download vibe ui v1.5. and new download link that version revision. from the previous download link.
      thank you

  8. Are you sure about that? How can you know if it for ROW version, i had helping one of my reader using this guide for his lenovo s860. And it work, if you ask how i help him, i do remote to his comp and download all link on this guide and install to his phone.All link in this guide is cn version firmware and cn version twrp. How can you know?

    1. How did the twrp know that your rom is not row? When install or when run it. If this row twrp and install on cn version than your phone will be boot loop and there is no warning like you said. Let me ask you how did you install the twrp? And when the twrp asking for row rom?

  9. I flashed the TWRP with the Flash Tool and I got that message after sliding to install update.zip.
    I finally flashed VibeUI 2.0 (v.1434) which is great, but it has the caller ID problem (unable to recognize numbers with or without the country code). And I have no idea how to solve it.

    1. About the caller id, it bug from the ROM, so need to wait the developer to fix it.
      I think you miss understanding with this guide, before follow this guide your device must have cn firmware without any change, like root or custom recovery. With still original cn firmware reboot to lenovo standard recovery -> this recovery view is like twrp but in china language. Install vibe ui v1.5 (step1 and step 2) after success install twrp vibe ui custom recovery with flash tool, this used for root and install gapps. I hope you inderstand now.

  10. hi,i accidentally update ota my s860 1gb version(cn version) to Vibe UI v2.0..and no gapps installed..so ,can i use this method..(cause here mention about vibe 1.5)..

    or is there any way to revert back to 4.2.2..thanks

    1. hi,
      thanks for the answer
      ive do already what you said,then after i install gapps
      theres no playstore in menu..so how to fix it?
      ive already install playstore apk but when i open ,it crash immediately
      hope you can find me solution..thanks

    2. yeah..twrp already installed
      and i use twrp to install gapps,for the first time,there is update
      but for the 2nd and 3rd time i install again gapps there is no update
      what should i do?
      can i push playstore apk to system/app ?
      hope you can help me.thanks

    3. Actually you can do manual, but you need to push every file that on the gapps zip file. And put it exact like the zip file. So you can access /system/app using explorer (astro or root explorer)? If you can please confirm that vending.apk already in /system/app with the proper permission. Or try access it from /system/app , are play store show on the home screen already?

    4. ive tried to move to the sytem/app from data/app,but it say failed..im using es explorer(already root access,remount r/w)
      i dont know what else to do.
      should i wipe dalvik cache ?
      or just flash the rom solved this problem?if so ,can u give me the rom.
      should i flash the rom?
      really need that playstore..hope u can help me

      also can i use the vibe ui cleaner to clean chineese app?
      thanks again

  11. Andy…. I have the same problem with david it seems.. on my levono S860 Chinese version use In India, with OS jelly bean( …am new to Andriod OS) it was working perfectly well. By mistake my friend upgrade it to Kitkat 4.4.2 and now all is in chinese. i can receive and call only all google playstore everything is lost, writing message is a struggle…. can u suggest in layman terms.. Also data/internet cannot be fixed. The phone needs to be rooted, it seems

  12. Hi Andy,

    May I use "bahasa" ?

    Pertama, terimakasih sekali atas kerja kerasanya menyusun semua materi ini dan memberi bantuan kepada para pengguna S860. Benar – benar luar biasa.

    Dan apakah semua hal yang ada disini dapat diterapkan ke Lenovo S860 dengan spesifikasi:

    5.3-inch IPS Capacitive Touchscreen, 16GB Internal, GSM/HSPA+, WiFi/ Bluetooth, 8.0 MP + 1.6 MP Camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, MTK 6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz, RAM 2GB

    (saya beli di http://www.bhinneka.com, http://www.bhinneka.com/products/sku00814057/lenovo_s860_-_titanium.aspx)

    Dan sebenarnya untuk Lenovo S860 ini ada berapa versi ya (RAM -nya) ? Sejauh yang saya tahu RAM 1GB adalah versi China dan RAM 2GB adalah versi Internasional ?



    1. Hi,
      I am prefer use english language, this is for china device 1G, and if you wanna feel android kitkat on your device please use ROW version because your Lenovo S860 is europe devices, follow this http://bit.ly/1tOTCH3, this is the latest release for europe devices.
      Lenovo S860 have 2 type china with 1G and europe with 2G RAM. If china device install international version firmware it also have to change the modem file if not 3G will got problem. But if europe devices install with china version i never try it.

      Backup your current ROM first and IMEI

  13. gan, kemarin aku flash dengan menggunakna sp flash tool, semua sudah terdownload sukses ke lenovo s860 row version. tp waktu restart, (masih logo lenovo android powered itu) tp di bawah logo android itu ada pesen error DT Tool image fail. lalu bootloop. tp masih bisa masuk recovery (twrp). setelah itu aku flash pake yang VibeUI itu, prosesnya lancar sampe selesai download. tp setelah direstart, hp sama sekali gak bisa dinyalakan. vibrasi juga tidak ada, dicharge lampu led juga gak nyala, dihubungkan ke laptop sama sekali gak ada respon dari laptop. kombinasi tombol semuanya (+- power / – power / + power) tidak ada respon, masuk meta mode juga gak bisa. power ditekan selama lebih dari 1 menit juga gak ada respon. kira2 bisa diselamatkan kah? pergi ke lenovo center adalah pilihan terakhir untuk saat ini.

    need adv gan, asap… tengkyu…

    1. hi,
      first error it because you not check DA DL CheckSUM options to fix it just reflash but don't forget to check DA DL ALL checksum.
      second probelm is because you flash china firmware on international device, and it can brick your board because different structure to fix it bring to lenovo service center. I bet your Lenovo S860 is have 2Gb RAM right ? It international type, china type is only have 1 GB RAM.

  14. Hello Andy. I have bought an already rooted Lenovo S860 1gb version and everything was fine. Then i did factory reset and my battery now drains very very quickly. Android system drains 45% of the battery. I want to install a new ROM but i don't know what to do and which guide to follow. Baseband version is my installed ROM (S860.V14, 2014/02/26) ??? What should i do ??? thank you very much in advance.

    1. Andy thank you very much for your respond. 1. So i firstly download MTK droid tool and i backup my current ROM. 2. Which ROM do tou recommend and how i will flash it ?? Using this guide above ??? When to restore 3G ??? Before flashing the new ROM ? Thank you very much.

  15. Could you please also tell me the perfect configuration for this phone.I'm from Europe.Which room i can use (ROW or CN) and which modem version (ROW or CN)? Could you pelase provide me some lynks and also please respond me at the previous question regarding the WIFI and Bluethoot ? Thank you very much

  16. my S860 just keep on booting and never reach the Lenovo Logo "Lenovo for those who Do"… at the left bottom of the screen it is written TOOL DL Image fail!.. what is going on with this?? please help me what should i do… thankss!

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