Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207

03 Sep 2014

Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207 – Second update for official ROW version can be obtained for Lenovo S850, if your previous firmware is ROW_S205 then you can check to System Setting ↦ Update this version will pop up and ready to download via OTA. But if you need guide to do offline update than this guide is suit for you. Advantage offline update is you don’t need to worry if your download stop in the middle, and you have a lot of time to backup your data.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR)

Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207

ROM Description :

  • Build Number : ROW_S207_140814
  • Date : 14-08-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4.2
  • Language : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
Downloads :
  • S850_ROW_S207_140814 1.1 GB, contains all required files to update your Lenovo S850 to Android KitKat.
  • S850_ROW_S205_140729 (Mirror, Main link is corrupt. Wait for update)↦ 1.1 GB, contains all required files to update your Lenovo S850 to Android KitKat.
  • USB VCOM Driver  Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer  Manage  Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207
  • SP Flash Tool v3.1324 this is an optional download, this tool already include in ROM download, but in case something happen you don’t need to download a whole ROM file again.
Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207
  1. Download all required files needed to update your Lenovo S850, Please make sure that USB VCOM driver completely installed before continued to next step.
  2. Extract S850_ROW_S207_140814, this will contains a target_bin and flash_tool folder, these two folder must be on the same folder for easy operate it. We just only need these two folder you can ignore the other folder.
  3. Go to flash_tool extracted folder and run Flash_Tool.exe, on the Flash_Tool program please make sure that DA DL All with Checksum option already checked, then please click Scatter-Loading button and point it to target_bin/MT6582_Android_scatter.txt, this will automatically load all the required files for update to Flash Tool
    Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207

  4. Finish configure Flash Tool, now press Download button or you can hit F9, Flash Tool will begin to initialized and become stand by mode.
  5. Now turn off your device. Wait 15 seconds until phone completely turn off then connect your device to your computer. Flash Tool will begin to recognize your device and start the upgrade process, upgrade process will take 5-10 minutes and will be mark with REDPURPLE, and YELLOW bar on the bottom Flash Tool. When you see GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of Flash Tool, this mean flashing process already finish and you can disconnect your device.
    Lenovo S850 Update Latest Firmware Android KitKat ROW_S207
  6. Done, now you can try to boot your device. First boot will take longer than usually be patient. Successful boot go to System Setting ↦ About Phone look at build number section. 
Congratulations, now you have successful update your Lenovo S850 with the latest firmware, please leave any comments if you found any problem regarding this guide. Thank You
    1. hi,
      imei invalid is not because row version or cn version, because you wipe nvram partition that stored imei. try this first install android 4.2 rom, root it and install mobile uncle tool. with mobile uncle restore all your imei with this guide http://bit.ly/1nKiGOH after success still with mobile uncle backup your imei, and now you can free modified your RoM without afraid losing imei again.

      thank you

    2. hi andy , can i ask something about my phone lenovo s850 ? my phone is missing imei and my phone also cannot on . when i on just colour black have on screen . so if i updated new rom , its can get back my imei or still must using mtk droid tool ?

    1. hi,
      losing IMEI will disable your communication, it means you cannot call, messages, internet etc that need mobile signal,
      like i said before :
      1. back to android 4.2, CN or ROW no problem
      2. Root it, using framaroot.
      3. install mobile uncle, restore your IMEI using mobile uncle following this guide http://bit.ly/1nKiGOH
      4. After successful restore try to dial *#06#, see if your IMEI still invalid or not if still invalid repeat the mobile uncle until success
      5. backup your IMEI using mobile uncle
      6 finish, you can modified your device.

      Hope you understand, what i write about

  1. hi, would like to ask u for help, mine is stuck at the step no.4 the flash tool seems like downloading fine, but then, it suddenly stop and the bottow of it, it shows 0bytes/0bps EMMC Searching 921600bps 0:00sec
    im not sure whether it is already in its standby mode or not, but then i tried also to connect my phone and nothing happen too, the flash tool didnt recognize it….please help….
    thank you so much for ur reply 🙂

    1. hi,
      make sure VCOM USB driver installed completely, flash tool will not recognize your device if VCOM USB not installed properly. open device manager on your computer while connecting your phone, but remember to turn off your phone before connecting. see pop up for 2 second on device manager, before disseppear right click it and point it to VCOM USB driver folder.

    2. i just cant thank you enough for this tutorial..finally. its been updated to the latest firmware, been searching it on google for days and thank god i found this post..wuhuuuu..zillion thanks for u 😉 and may God reward u for ur kindness!

    1. Hi,
      Actually you can direct follow the above guide, but sometime if cn device installed with row(international) firmware, sometime problem but sometime smooth so you need to make your current firmware backup for eady restore if something bad happen. I hope you understand with what i am talking about

    1. possible to remain without IMEI ?? are your IMEI already invalid ?? what you mean i don't understand. but if your IMEI already invalid i suggest not install 4.4, fix it by install 4.2 for easy rooting then fix your imei first, make backup then you can flashing 4.4

    1. hi,
      first we need check your IMEI dial *#06# and see if there is an IMEI, most Lenovo S850 problem is losing IMEI.
      if your IMEI still there please try re-insert your SIM card, or change the slot of your SIM Card and then try to make dial or receive dial from that SIM
      are you modified your ROM ?

    2. If you don't ever modified the ROM and cannot received calls than just return the phone to seller it means there is something problem when you buying the phone. Then try to ask to the seller because you not modified everything but the phone already has that problem

    1. Yeah now I successfully restore nvram without root. I restore using flash droid tool. Copy nvram.bin to folder S850_ROW_S205_140729. remove Checksum.ini file. edit MT6582_Android_scatter.txt to bellow text

      partition_index: SYS4
      partition_name: NVRAM
      file_name: nvram.bin
      is_download: true
      type: NONE
      linear_start_addr: 0x1800000
      physical_start_addr: 0x400000
      partition_size: 0x500000
      region: EMMC_USER
      storage: HW_STORAGE_EMMC
      boundary_check: true
      is_reserved: false
      operation_type: BINREGION
      reserve: 0x00

    1. hi,
      are you make backup your previous ROM? touch screen not function is the main problem for Lenovo S850 beside missing IMEI and Signal problem.
      for now i just can recommended you to try flashing another ROM until you found which ROM that fix touch screen problems, but remember be careful for missing IMEI

  2. Hi andy,
    gw tau lu orang indonesia, makanya gw pakek bahasa indonesia yak 🙂

    Gw punya android lenovo s850, kemarin gw clean flash. Lenovo gw jadi versi ro s211. tapi ada kendala baru. imei nya invalid. alhasil gw coba pakek maui meta. dan berhasil juga. imei sudah muncul. tapi ada kendala baru. signal hp gw tidak muncul sama sekali. gw udah coba lakukan proses rewrite imei. tapi tidak berhasil juga.

    Bro punya solusinya ga?

    NB : Gara2 clean flash 🙁

    Terima Kasih 🙂

    1. Hi,
      Yes i am indonesian, but this is english blog so i will answer you in english so everbody can read it too. Lenovo S850 without signal is the main bug from this type, as you can read from abive comment there is also many people suffer like your's. Ubtil now i am still find the way why after restore IMEI signal is show usually when IMEI already restore sigbal will show automatically. If you want and trust me you can send me the phone i will try to fix it.
      Just contact my email to know my address…

    1. if you ask me, i cannot make decision, it all up to you.
      cannot play video, what error? have you tried 3rd party video player?
      of course system updates will fix the old rom bug but cannot play video i think it not a bug try factory reset or remove cache and data on your video player.
      becareful on update Lenovo S850 a lot people suffer signal lost after update

    2. playing video on browser ??
      it using flash plug in, it need you to install flash plug in.
      that not have any related with ROM though you change your ROM thousand times it will not fix the problem.
      search android, flash, video plugin in on google and you will see how to

    1. hi andy,
      my lenovo s850 rom is the latest row version after updating system and now my phone is currently out of service or no service..this problem happens after I flash my phone rom after been bricked because of updating system while rooted. I managed to solve imei invalid and my imei is currently to the imei on the back of the phone box and now Im stucked on no service problem. my wifi is working fine but nvram warning: err=0x10 still appear on my wifi list. help me solve this problem.

    2. hi,
      first i will tell you that before doing any modified you must backup all system file, especially NVRAM partition, this partition contains all files that have relationship with communication and IMEI, this NVRAM is not replaceable so cannot use another NVRAM device or else.
      when you wrong upgrade or modified device it erase NVRAM flder and partition so you device lost capability to communication that why you got no service and when you dial *#06# it will show you invalid IMEI mean you IMEI lost.
      for another device except S850 we can restore it by re flashing stock ROM to our device but for S850 i still don't know how to fix it, last thing you can do is bring your phone to lenove service center let them flash the NVRAM for you

    1. The only solution for your problem is re flash using flash tool, but need toinstal vcom driver first. When you connect your device open device manager too on you pc, you will notice there is new hardware but it will dissappear on 5 sec. Try it with device turn off

    1. hi,
      as far as i know OTA update cannot be done if you already install TWRP or custom recovery, OTA update must be use Lenovo standard recovery to install the update, when you finish download the update it will reboot to recovery to install the update

  3. Hi Andy. I have s850. I've tried to flash stock rom from your blog. Well,, it worked until green circle. But, when i try to turn it on, it's only stuck in lenovo logo, then restart it self. Agin and again until off. Sometimes, vibrate only, no logo, and no light from LCD. Can you help me fix this problem?

    1. Hello Andy, I m from Nepal and i do have a same problem with my lenovo s850..
      firstly i have hard reset and when m done with that it goes absoutely ok and some firmware update pops up and i update it but afterwards it restart and shows lenovo logo and nothing then…
      m jst a boy and i dont know any thing about it… can u help me please im having a big problem with this ?? Plz help me Andy 🙁

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