Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root

07 Jul 2014

Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root – Still so many question about rooting Vibe UI v1.5 using Android Kit Kat and install Gapps. Actually i has already posted on how to Rooting and Install Gapps on Vibe UI v1.5 but it for different Lenovo series, So today i will try to post Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root. This guide is free of charge but if you don’t wanna to bother with flashing, rooting and install gapps you can download Vibe UI v1.5 Modified by Baralajbi from NeedRom.com. This guide is using SP Flash Tool method so if you don’t ever use this tool i suggest you read careful this guide and make sure you understand about it.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Downloads :

Preparations :
  • Backup your current ROM, Use MTK Droid Tools for full backup your ROM. How to Make Full Backup For Mediatek Device
  • Backup your IMEI using MobilUncle MTK Tool.
  • Download all required files and place it in one folder for easy organize it.
  • Install Preloader VCOM driver, To install this driver please turn off your device and remove battery then connect to computer using USB cable. When your computer ask for driver please point it to MT65XX Preloader Vcom Driver extracted folder, after finish please look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager ↦ COM (Port & LPT)
    Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root

    After you can see your device please disconnect it from your computer, you can turn on your device for moving VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820Vibe UI CleanerKingUser v3.3.6 and Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2. After finish moving these files turn off your device again and remove battery, SIM card, and SD Card.

Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root :

  1. Installation Official Chinese ROM

    • Open SP Flash Tool v3.13 folder inside S820_S137_130711 extracted folder, run Flash Tool. Click on Scatter-Loading button point to target_bin/MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc, it will load all necessary ROM files and don’t forget to check DA DL All with Check Sum. Now click Firmware ↦ Upgrade or hit F8
      Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root

    • After finish initialization SP Flash Tool v3.13 will stand by, now connect your device. When MT65XX Preloader Vcom Driver install successful then SP Flash Tool v3.13 will begin starting flashing process, it will take about 9 minutes to flashing the ROM. When it finish it will mark with GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of SP Flash Tool v3.13.
      Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root
    • Disconnect your device from computer but don’t turn it on yet, close all SP Flash Tool v3.13 
  2. Installation TWRP v2.6.30 CN
    • Open SP Flash Tool v3.13 and run Flash Tool. Click Scatter-Loading button point to TWRP_v2.6.30_CN/target_bin/MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc, it will load all necessary ROM file and don’t forget to check DA DL All with Check Sum. Now click Download button or hit F9. confirm all warning with click Yes button.
      Lenovo S820 Install Vibe UI v1.5 with Gapps and Root
    • Connect your device again, SP Flash Tool v3.13 will begin custom recovery installation process, it will take only 1-2 minutes to finished. When it finish it will mark with GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of SP Flash Tool v3.13.
    • Disconnect your device, put back the battery, SIM card, and SD Card. But still don’t turn on your device.
  3. Installation Vibe UI v1.5 1427
    • Go to recovery mode by pressing and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down until your device screen show recovery mode.
    • On TWRP main menu, select Install with TWRP you can install 1-10 files at the same time, but now we only need install 2 files. Point the Select File to VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820 and Vibe UI Cleaner. then Slide to install. VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820 must be install first. This process will take time about 4-5 minutes, wait until process finish successful. 
    • When finish, select Reboot. When there is warning to install SuperSu please select Don’t Install and your device will reboot and start to HomeScreen
    • Now you already successful install VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820, to language setting to change your language to English. If you wanna enable USB Debugging you can dial ####537999# this will open Developer Settings.
  4. Installation Gapps and Rooting
    • Go to recovery mode, like on step 3.a press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down until your device screen show recovery mode. 
    • On TWRP main menu, select Install and point to Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2, and KingUser v3.3.6, Swipe to install wait until process finish successful
    • Back to TWRP main menu, select Reboot
  5. Finish – Now your device is ready. Lenovo S820 with Android 4.4.2 + Gapps + Root and clean from Chinesse Applications. 

This guide is very long and complicated, so please read it careful and please ask when you don’t understand. I will not responsible if you brick your device when follow this guide, I will glad to answering your questions and thank you for your visit.

PS : If your device already update to Vibe UI v1.5 with OTA than you need to follow all guide from start to end.

    1. hi,
      MIUI using zip method for flashing, But it can be install from any other ROM. So if your previous ROM is ROW version you just need to install custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) copy MIUI file to sd card. and Flash through recovery mode.
      Vibe Ui need CN version ROM for it previous ROM, unless it will be error on installation.
      Thank you.

  1. Hi,
    i have an issue about the driver installation, when i connect the phone to my laptop (Windows 8.1) i see the device 'MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (17)' for 2/3 seconds and then disappear from the list of the devices, is it normal? can i proceed to flash the rom?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes ot normal, afrer you connect phone and see mediatek preload driver quick right click on it an select update driver point it to vcom usb driver. That how to install, in windows 8.1 you must disable driver signiture first, thank you

  2. Once you install everything as described above what future system update is going to download the phone or it will not have any system update anymore? And what about the other updates of applications, hope they will continue receiving updates? Thanks for reply!

  3. Thanks for your reply! So that means system update will be available & downloaded manually by me on request, but installation will fail. There will not be a need to practice manual update, it will have no any sense than… if update can not complete successfully… What means "to apply the ROOT and phone to become rooted"? That system update will be of the official CN rom version or update of the Vibe UI rom version?
    Google / android updates of Play Store applications will be not a problem is that true?
    Many years ago I flushed the rom of iPhone 3S and after system update phone was locked… it was headache till I fix it back… How is the story here with this flushing of the rom?
    Thanks buddy!

    1. Hi,
      System update will unavailable once you modified the system, rooting and installing google applications (gapps) it need to modified the system, so once you rooting system updtate will be unavailable, yes system update will be om cn and en only, until now there is no multilanguage rom android kitkat for kenovo s820 stil cn version, android is different from iphone, android cannot be locked when you modified the system so don't be afraid to modified, i am gurantee 100% android cannot be lock by system update.
      The problem that maybe you deal when flashing is :
      1. Bootloop phone just only back and back to logo only
      2. Miss imei cannot be call and message can be fix
      3. Brick if you wrong flashing firmware / rom, can be fix but hard

      Thank you

  4. What procedures should I follow if after original rom S820_S137_130711 I have updated the system with newer version, how to proceed with installation? Do I need to go back to initial version of the rom S820_S137_130711 and to start with all your explanations from beginning?
    Thanks a lot! It will be easy if everything described is easy accessible and full details are sufficient.
    Last time I changed my HTC HD2 operational system WM6.5 with Android 4.2.2 JB under Cyanogen Mod version 10.1.2 – Leo. Original HTC HD2 Leo for US market. It was not easy but I managed with all procedures… Hope will manage with Lenovo S820 following your information.
    Thank you very much!!!

    1. hi, thank you for reading.
      I will try to explain how lenovo rom is, Lenovo ROM is divide into 2 type, the CN and ROW to known your ROM is CN or ROW, just look at language setting, CN just only contains 2 languages CN and EN whereas ROW is contains multilanguage more than 4 languages. This Vibe UI v1.5 is an android 4.4.2 firmware released by chinesse developer so it only contains 2 languages CN and EN. for Install it you need CN firmware for your previous ROM, If your previous ROM is ROW than you need to follow step 1-4 but if your previous ROM is CN then you just need to follow step 2-4.

      the point of this guide is, CN ROM and CN Custom Recovery. If you managed to install this 2 on your devices than easy to do the rest.

      i hope you understand with my explanation,

      Thank You

    1. Hi,
      Original ROM are not ROOTED, so you must root by yourself, rooting 4.2.2 is easy on vibe ui v1.5 like on guide rooting is do on step 4 installing Gapps and rooting.
      Look for supersu or superuser or kinguser on you device if you can found it that mean your device are ROOTED

      Thank you

  5. After I did system update of original CN rom S820_S137_130711 and after telephone restarted my sim card asked for initial password which was before "0000" and now with "0000" does not like to activate… looks like now is wrong pin…what now…

    1. hi,

      in this guide there is no setting password for SIM card, SIM card password not depend on the phone it depend on SIM, please remember it if you got trouble with SIM password i suggest you contact your service provider because SIM card password only has 3 times changes

  6. Hello buddy, thanks for your support. I managed with activation of my phone. I inserted another sim card which does not require pin code and everything is fine. After initial version of the rom S820_S137_130711 now after the system update of downloaded rom now is: VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_2_ST_S820 but still without gapps and I don't know if the phone is rooted or not. After update again only EN & CN language. What should I do to remove all Chinese applications and to install google applications with play store? Thank you very much!!!

    1. hi,
      Are you getting update from OTA ? If yes than you must repeat step 1 again.
      The key of this guide is step 1 and step 2. We must install custom recovery when our ROM still on CN because after that we connot install custom recovery any more. and if you already using Vibe UI v1.5 from OTA update. it means you still not install custom recovery on step 2 right? so there is no change to install root and gapps and most important you cannot remove chinesse applications. because you don't have custom recovery.

      i hope you understand with my explain,
      Thank you

  7. So, what I understand I can't use the benefit of new downloaded version of phone system update VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_2_ST_S820 and need to install back to VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820 with start from beginning with S820_S137_130711… why???
    Why I can't install Vibe UI Cleaner to remove Chinese applications and Gapps Minimal for 4.4.2 to install google applications? What is the best solution to work over new rom version VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_2_ST_S820. This rom is with 2 languages: CN & EN.
    How can I use the benefits of the new rom version VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_2_ST_S820???

    1. Hi,

      Yes like that because lenovo dev still find a way how to install custom recobery to vibe ui, the point is custom recobery. When you use ota update you still use lenovo recovery which is not allow you to install vibe cleaner, gapps and root with zip method. These 3 software need to install via recobery mode and lenovo recovery will not allow it.

      Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Lenovo has 2 kind of firmware, CN and ROW. When you already update it via ota and got cn version, to back to ROW you must install it manually. Because when your firmware is CN is always be CN for next update.but sorry i don't have guide to apply ROW firmware

  8. So, tell me in my case what should I do and what to follow (in details please). If I can use the latest rom version VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_2_ST_S820 will be great. Please, in details 1 by 1.

    1. Hi,
      I has repeatly told you, if you wanna habe the latest vibeui with gapps than you must follow above guide from step 1-4. I cannot explain to you again because step by step is on above, read the guide please
      Thank you

  9. Hi Andy,
    I would like to ask some question, i'm using VIBEUI_V2.0_1431_4_DEV_S820 :-

    1. can i use this 1-5 method for my version above?
    2. if can, can i change step 2, installing VIBEUI_V2.0_1431_4_DEV_S820 (newest version) downloaded from vibe official website, rather than intalling VIBEUI_v1.5_1427_ST_S820?

    Thanks for reply

  10. Thanks andy. I have problems with my phone. I did my OTA update. And now my phone is on vibe UI 2.0 and chinese. No gapss. And my seller wont be responsible. I am currently using a 4 gb model. Is this the correct version? Are they anymore different versions of S820?

    1. hi,
      sorry for vibe ui v2.0 i still cannot install gapps on it, play store will be force close when we call it. for now only vibe ui v1.5 can use gapps, like you see on above guide. Yes 4GB and 8GB.
      for vibe ui v2.0 try using chinese market and search for google, if i am not wrong there is google framework on chinese market

    2. hi,
      it safe if you already have backup, and test your backup that the backup is work. and know what you are going to do. if you don't know everything about flashing, rooting, recovery mode, etc then i recommended don't do it because you can brick your device, but everything is up to you. just be careful when deal with changing ROM

      thank You

    3. Hi Nikolay,

      Unfortunately i don't have custom recovery. I need to revert back to Vibe UI 1.5 . when i bought this phone, it was with vibe UI 1.5. I need to flash back to the original firmware using SP flash tool. Wish me luck. Thanks Nikolay and Andy.

      I think everyone should be aware about this phone origins. Don't be fooled, like me.

    1. hi Andy,

      I bricked my S820 today. i got DRAM failed when i flashed TWRP. before that i got green circle for flashing the CN firmware. now my phone wont turn on. if i connect to the laptop i get MTK usb port COM7 on device manager. is my driver wrong? I have a 4 gb S820 with vibe 1.5 and 4.4.2 kit kat when i first bought. im using windows 7 starter. can u help me unbrick.. 🙁

    2. Hi,
      You said you already got green circle when flashing cn firmware. The you already success flash rom to you device, just reflash again, you don't need to turn in your phone when you need to flash it, so the solusion is just reflash it . you driver installation i think is right so try to flash it again

  11. Hi Andy,

    I got the green circle for the first time only. now my laptop is detecting mtk usb port only. not mediatek preloader. still figuring out how to revive my phone back. everytime i flash now i get DRAM failed. i have no backup. lol. i am trying different drivers. and different firmware. still cant be able to flash, DRAM failed.

    1. Hi
      Incorrecr scatter file format mean your scatter file not fit with the ROM. Where did you get the scatter file from? Scatter file is arrange the size of partition on your device, invalid means the size of partition not big enough for the rom to insert. So please use the scatter file from the ROM and are your phone is 4Gb or 8Gb Lenovo S820?

  12. Install Preloader VCOM driver, To install this driver please turn off your device and remove battery then connect to computer using USB cable. When your computer ask for driver please point it to MT65XX Preloader Vcom Driver extracted folder, after finish please look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager ↦ COM (Port & LPT)

    Why my com does not detect my phone?

    1. Hi,
      When you talking chinese ROM it is vibe ui 1.5 or vibe ui 2.0. If it vibe ui 1.5 then just install it using flash tool provide by the web. But if it vibe ui 2.0 then you need to install vibe ui 1.5 first then do OTA update to install vibe ui 2.0. OTA update is installation using recovery mode.

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