Lenovo S660 Update with Android KitKat Official OTA S058

24 Sep 2014

Lenovo S660 Update with Android KitKat Official OTA S058 – Official firmware Android KitKat for Lenovo S660 already released but this can only be obtain via OTA updated and just only from firmware version S660_ROW_S047, so if your current firmware is S660_ROW_S047 then you need to check your system update. But you can also obtain the file and flashing it without internet access, and today i will show you how to do it. This guide already confirm that no data deleted after the update process but for prepare please make full backup your current ROM before following this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR). 
update 30-09-2014 : apparently this update can be obtain from firmware version S039, after update to S660_S039 check your System Settings ↦ Update System

Lenovo S660 Update with Android KitKat Official OTA S058

ROM Description :Build Number : S660 ROW_S058_140919

  • Date : 19-09-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • Language : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
Bug Detected : 
  • USB cannot detect as Storage (USB Storage disable)
  • Application menu is missing
What Changes :
  • Android 4.4.2
  • Full firmware update
  • Improve battery life time
  • Switch memory used, external SD Card.
  • Improve speed
  • Update radio firmware
Downloads :
Lenovo S660 Update with Android KitKat Official OTA S058
  1. Make sure that your current firmware version is S660_ROW_S047, by looking at Build Number on About Phone page. This guide cannot be continued if your current firmware version is not S660_ROW_S047
    Lenovo S660 Update with Android KitKat Official OTA S058
  2. Download all required files on computer, extract it and move update.zip to your external SD Card, place it on the root your SD Card, don’t inside the folder. Don’t rename it or extract it just leave it like it should.
  3. Now reboot your device to recovery mode, in case you don’t know how to do it just turn off your device. Turn on again with press and hold Power button + Volume Up + Volume Down button, release it until you can see Standard Lenovo Recovery main menu.
  4. After successful go to recovery mode, update will start automatically. It will show the update process until finish, update will take time 3-5 minutes to finish, just wait and make sure you not run out battery.
  5. Done, now you can reboot your device. Verify your device firmware with go to System Settings ↦ About Phone and look at Build Number, it must be same with downloaded ROM S660_ROW_S058
Congratulations, enjoy your Android KitKat for Lenovo S660. This ROM stil have bug but it can be used for daily, for china phone there is no needed to update the radio firmware. Please leave any comments if you have problems regarding this guide, Thank You
  1. hi admin, i have tired to install this update through recovery mode but it failed and gives me tis noti it says /system/app/googlepinyinime,apk unexpected content, before that i hav done rooted and delete this app, can teach me how to install it back? what should i do 🙁

    1. Impossible, this is ROW version it include playstore. Maybe you playstore error. Just tell the error message or error code.
      This is international version, international version include google applications and multi language

  2. I have lenovo s660 for one month I bougt it from China, and i have some small problems (gps, speaker to loud…).. I want to put Kitkat on it. Current firmware version is S660_ROW_S026_140228. And one more thing, on my phone i dont have option to update sistem. What I can do to install Kitkat.

    1. I have been using Lenovo S660 for few months in english language. recently i have updated my phone through system update and my phone has been transformed to chiness language and google play and many other apps are not available also.
      please help me by giving a solution. Now I am using Kirkat version: VIBEUI_V2.0_1437_7.3.1_ST_S660

  3. hello..i have couple of question..i have already updated my s660 by just pressing the update system software..after it finish, i found out that i cannot open my playstore. what should i do? can i re-do the updating system by following ur above instructions?

    1. Hi,
      That means you have firmware modified by lenovohome.net. to know it row or cn just chexk on lang7age setting, how many language available if only 2 language cn and english then your firmware is cn version but if it have many language than your firmware is row version

  4. Hi admin, please help. I tried to update using recovery mode but it gave error ' warning: No file_contextsVerifying current system… system/app/maps.apk unexpected content'. It asked me to update to latest version although my version is S660_ROW_S047_140801. Do I have to follow the instructions in http://bit.ly/1udGj5G too? Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Are you already change your lenovo standard recovery mode with cwm or twrp? If yes than you cannot use OTA update. But if not yet the check on your system setting -> update system system. It will givw you information tjat there is an uodate for your system.

    2. Thank you for replying. No, I use the standard recovery system. I already rooted my phone using vroot but I don't know how to flash to cwm or twrp. And yes, I updated my phone using the system, it showed the latest update but give the same error after I downloaded many times, and automatically rebooted to recovery. I can't use the standard recovey,then?

    3. hi,
      i don't know exactly what happen, but look like the vroot already change your system file or else, because this OTA update will produce an error when you already change or modified your system files, so i think you must revert to S660_S039 that on this guide http://bit.ly/1udGj5G and then after finish check your system update and update it. but remember to always make a full backup first

    1. hi,
      so you wanna change your boot animation, you must root your phone first. then using root explorer go to /system/media/bootanimation.zip -> this is your current bootanimation file
      you can change it with what you want.

  5. hi, i have Lenovo S660, And i upgraded the version to kitkat 4.4.2. but i can't see the option to move the application from phone memory to SD card. And my home WLAN is not connecting to my phone.error is – saved and secured with WPA..but sometimes it automatically connect.. can u plz help me.

    1. hi,
      kitkat no need to move applications to sd card, in kitkat system setting -> storage -> default write disk, select sd card it will default install all application on your sd card.
      for wifi i need to know the error, it can be from the wifi device or from your phone, need to know more about the error

    2. i am getting error as – saved and secured with WPA2.
      When i connect the WIFI with the password, it shows connecting but it won't connect, and some time error occur as Authentication problem. this problem is only with my home WIFI only. i don't know then why it get connects once in 3 or 4days.
      Does any setting have changed in Security app Setting or in WLAN ? PLZ get me out of this problem with my LENOVO S660.

    3. thi problem only with my home wifi, so i think the wifi device need to replace, can you borrow your friend wifi device then try it for couple a days. so you can know what is the real problem is, cause i think as long as your lenovo can connect to another wifi i think is okey.

  6. Recently I have updated my phones (Lenovo S660). Build version S660_ROW_S058_140919. After upgradation I am facing some issue with Audio profile. I am changing my audio profile from General to Vibrate and then doin a call. After disconnecting the call audio profile is automatically changing from Vibrate to General again. @Andy could you please help me out.

    1. Andy, I have got a pattern of this issue. After restarting the phone, I am not able to change the first incoming call audio profile. For example, after restarting, my phone is in Vibrate profile and I have received a call, I have disconnected the call, then I have changed my audio profile to General and do a out going call and after disconnecting the call the profile is automatically changing to Vibrate.

      I have formatted the phone from service center and reinstalled the latest kitkat version, but same issue has been observed.

      Also do you have any information that Lenovo is going to launch any further patch.

    2. I think it ROM issued, but you can try to make backup ROM than downgrade it then try with android jelly bean if the problem exist than maybe it hardware but we must try different rom to make sure. For ROM issued i cannot help sorry just wait future patch

  7. Hi,
    my Lenovo s660 (with Android 4.2.2 .. in italian language) asked me for OS updating … I've done but know the OS is Android 4.4.2 with Vibe 2.0, and I can't modify the language to italian. I've tried to install the ROW s039 with flash tool v3 (error 8038) and then v5 but it seems not work … maybe drivers mediatek problems. How can I fixed it? I need my smartphone works with Google Apps.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, but I think I'm in the same situation of Hazira Rusli that wrote to you on September 26, 2014…. you said to him to follow this guide http://bit.ly/1udGj5G, after successful check the system update it will show kitkat update.
      Sorry but I'm very incompetent and I don't know how to backup ROM and IMEI and I've several problems to install USB VCOM driver (for win7)….

    2. Ok, maybe your device is original cn device so you can try this http://bit.ly/1mEZupr. For installing usb vcom, try turn off your device and remove battery, open device manager on windows while you connect your phone. It will show usb preloader just for 2 second before dissappear right click on it before dissappear and piont to usb vcom driver folder

  8. Hi Andy, I'm using Lenovo S660 build number s660_ROW_S035_140415. I have rooted my phone earlier with vroot but now there's an upgrade available to S660_ROW_S047_140801. How do I unroot it? I tried using Vroot but the upgrade failed. The error stated was "assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/app/AV68-Android-". "79310a68adfe534725de51e7bc843a6cf0e62a33". "e95bcd898602cb772b4bd92be6803bf3a742dd9f") Update.zip is not correct Installation aborted."

    Please assist. Thanks a lot for your super help.


  9. Hi Andy Suwito!
    My Lenovo S660 not rooted run this rom "S660_S026_140228" , Android 4.2.2
    with "Portugues(Brasil)" language. I updated in the Lenovo site(lenovo_s660_osc_20140318) but all with chinese apps and I was not able to install google play and others apps. So I back it to the "S660_S026_140228". Is there any rom Kitkat without Chinese apps if possible with Portugues (Brasil) or English language?? Thanks.

  10. hi andy
    i was upgraded my S660 set to new android version kitkat.
    now my build no is S660 058.
    and yesturday i got a S660 060 update.
    i downloaded it via Wifi.
    but after that it cant be installed.
    and it rebooted again.
    now the problem is i cant getting the WiFi network .
    it scaning and showing that obtaining ip adress and authenticating…etc….
    but cant connect.
    what i will do

    1. actually there is no relevant about failing update with wifi, if failing update and your phone cannot boot than there is a relevant but ok i will try answer, check your wifi try different device, it ok than try factory reset on your device if not ok then check your wifi access point device. try remove password on your access point, and try your device to connect…

    1. Hi,
      How can your problem so wierd, as far as i know the bug on lenovo s660 kitkat is

      Bug Detected :
      USB cannot detect as Storage (USB Storage disable)
      Application menu is missing

      For your problem, maybe need sync to google, but as long as your contact can load contacts name from google i think it not problem, for now i really don't know about your problem but i will find out 9n the net about ypur problem

  11. Hi Andy, many of S660 owner stuck with OTA S660_ROW_S060_140928. The upgrade failed but still can boot and use for daily. However, many S660 owners confirmed that Wifi no longer work including myself. In this case, what should we do?
    Android version:4.4.2
    Baseband, s660.v58.2014/09/28 16:27
    Build number, s660_row_s058_140919

    1. hi,
      i just heard this news about S060 and after that i search on russian forum, but i think i miss something i cannot found download link for OTA update, and i see the forum conversation look like this update is still need more improvements before it actually release.
      so just wait a little longer before update to S060 because i think still not stable. and i think the patch will also fix wifi issued.

    1. holaa..it's not the Titanium bugs, it's KitKat itself not support the external sdcard, install 'SDFix' from sdcard & done.

      Android 4.4 KitKat removes your ability to write files to the MicroSD card (on phones/tablets that have both internal memory and user-installed MicroSD cards). NextApp SDFix restores this ability by modifying a configuration file. As this app changes a system configuration file, it requires root access.

    1. hello,
      Vibe UI 2.0 is Android KitKat but it china version firmware, if you wanna install it International Firmware you can follow this guide http://bit.ly/1tfmqbZ, but it using Vibe UI 1.5 but already inculde Gapps and MultiLanguage. becareful on update china device lot have problem when install international ROM. backup ROM and IMEI to make sure

    1. Hi,
      That because you have china firmware and already modified by the store that sell the phone for you. I don't think the OTA update will work for your device, it china firmware with google play store and many languages. But it not original anymore because already modified.

  12. Hi Andy,
    I tried to install OTA update but got below error-
    Installing update…
    Warning: No file_contextsVerifying current system…
    "/system/app/Music.apk" has unexpected contents.
    Update.zip is not correct
    Installation aborted
    My current build is – S660_ROW_S047_140801
    OTA Update – S660_ROW_S047_140801_TO_S660_ROW_S062_141126

  13. That was sooo close. This article saved my day. So far, everything is working fine. It helped me when I updated my phone and during update, it found that the downloaded firmware is corrupted, so is the whole ROM. Doing this saved my day. Thanks mate

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