Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware

29 Sep 2014

Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware – This guide is only for phone that be bought on china, europe or international phone have different hardware and give error on the start up “LK Image Error“. This also can be used to fix china phone that have start up error, Original CN firmware that already been modified by Shakal. Base on S032 for china phones, this ROM already multi language and include with Google Applcations. So we can call this ROM is Official Modification ROM for Lenovo S660.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR). Due different hardware please don’t flash this ROM on EU or international phones.

Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware

Changes :

  • Rooted
  • Using CWM Recovery
  • Updated Google Services
  • Added Multi Languages
  • Remove Unused System Applications 
  • Remove China Aplications
  • Using Lenovo Launchers without “Menu Button”
Downloads :
  • USB VCOM Driver ↦ Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware
  • S660_S032_CN 766 Mb, Contains all required files to flashing Lenovo S660. this is full image for flash using Flash Tool.
  • SP Flash Tool v3.133  Flash tool for flashing, optional download in case in the download ROM not working or error.
Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware :
  1. Download all required files and place on one folder, for easy organized it. First you must make sure that USB VCOM driver is completely installed on you computer before continued to the next step, it will not work without USB VCOM driver installed successful.
  2. Extract S660_S032_CN and go to DL Tool & SOP sub folder, it will contains Lenovo USB Driver and Flash Tool v3.133, go to Flash Tool folder and run Flash Tool.exe if you are running windows 7 please run using administrator privilege.
  3. On the Flash Tool please make sure DA DL All with Checksum option is being checked, you will got error when this is not checked. Click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to Files_to_FlashTool/MT6582_Android_scatter.txt this action will automatic load entire files needed to Flash Tool.
    Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware
  4. Finish configure on Flash Tool, now press Download button or hit F9 this will make Flash Tool become into stand by mode and ready to connect with your device.
  5. Now turn off your device and remove the battery, connect your device with USB cable. When USB VCOM driver is completely install Flash Tool will immediately recognize your device and will start to begin flashing process. 
  6. Flashing process can be see by progress bar that show on the bottom of SP Flash Tool. Progress bar will be begin with RED, PURPLE, YELLOW and will be ended with GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of  SP Flash Tool. When you see this sign then flashing process already finish and you can disconnect your device.
    Lenovo S660 Downgrade to S032 CN Firmware
  7. Done, now you already successful install or downgrade your device to version S032 CN firmware with modified ROM. After successful boot check your current version on System Setting ↦ About Device see at Build Number make sure it same with downloaded ROM.
Congratulations, you have successful downgrade or re-flashing your Lenovo S660 to original CN firmware with modified ROM, leave comments if you found problems regarding this guide, i wil try to help you solve the problem.
  1. Hey, I wanted to really thank you for your work with these guides! It totally saved me today when I let a Lenovo program (from their site, S660 section) update my JB to a weird KK with no Google account or play store. I was looking for a way to retrieve the Google stuff and stumbled upon your guides. Now my phone works again thanks to this ROM.

    I wanted to ask if there is any way for me to get a normal, English, KK ROM with Google and everything working normally on my phone? (which is probably a Chinese version I guess?)


  2. hi, i have following this guide and it download successfuly. but the problem is when i reboot my phone it only show up lenovo logo. i waited it for few minutes already. is it normal? How long shold i wait?

    1. There is no wipe data or factory reset… when i looked into the about phone, its empty…i remembered there is something about the build number and imei and so on of the phone but now its all empty…. help me…. i also flash the rom again but no work….

  3. Hi Andy, last night I spent awake because I've tried to flash the s039 but it failed … so I've installed this ROM (but it's in russian language … than I've modified language to english and now I put something in italian language).
    Now, is it possible upgrade this version to Kitkat 4.4.2 … the battery lives longer and it's better with its tools..
    Thank you for your help! you are very kind!

    1. Hi,
      I am glad can help you, but so sorry this rom xannot update to kitkat because this rom is cn version with modified, google applications and multi language function. In cn version there is 2 kind kitkat vibe ui 1.5 and vibe ui 2.0 but both don't have google application and multi language.

    1. Hi Andy, I got I little problem when update my s660 with s032 by shakal to s058.
      When I flash to s058 there is an error message 'PMT changed for the rom, it must be downloaded'. What should I do?

  4. Hi Andi.

    I have done upgrade my s660 to KitKat.
    But there is actually different with KitKat vibe ui 2.0.
    And there are no battery or camera improvement when I tried it.

    And for information I did with old version flash tool,not used flash tool from s058 pack.
    Because flash tool from s058 didn't firmware upgrade button.

    Thanks Andy

    1. Row version still using vibe ui 1.5 and s058 is row version, cn version use vibe ui 2.0, so if you find an camera and battery improvement you need to flash vibe ui 2.0 that still on cn version. And i think i still not have it yet

  5. Oh I see.
    I think it will same when I upgrade again to KitKat.
    Your blog is very usefull n the tutorial is very clear to understand.
    I hope u will have another firmware with camera n battery improvement soon.

    Thanks Andy

    1. LK image error is because your phone is china and want to install international firmware. The solution is install the china ROM, like above guide than install Internatinal ROM but instead use download button you must use firmware->upgrade button.

    1. the guide that i give you can also be use for Lenovo S660 china version, but sometime china version got problem when installing international ROM. LK image error, if you got this than install china ROM first than install international ROM by press firmware upgrade button instead of download button

    1. Above guide not to flash, i told you to download the rom and copy or use the modem file on the rom above not to flash it.
      Lk image because your device is china and flash witj international rom. Solution is flash s032 to your device and if you wanna use international rom flash row rom but press firmware upgrade button not download button

  6. Hi Andy
    I bricked my Lenovo S660 while trying to install some ROM version (don't remember which). After a few days, I managed to flash this S_032 by Shakal, but I still want to go to an international KK. Can you please give any piece of advice on how to do it?

  7. Hi
    ANY other? Like, can I try directly S_058? Or shall I go first to 039, than 058 as I've seen in some of your tutorials? what version would you advise to be best?
    My main problem was that in original version S_026 I had a problem with proximity sensor… which I still have with S_032 🙁

    1. I'd better tell you from the beginning… the phone came with version S_026, I made update from system, it went to Vibe UI 2.0 (no google play, store…).
      I tried to install something and briked the phone (like totally, wasn't doing anything… no charge, no lights, no vibration, no reboot… absolutely NOTHING).
      Checked the internet, and went for S_039 using flash tool and the official ROM. I ended up with "LK Image Incorrect"… at this point my hopes came back 🙂
      Flashed S_032 from your tutorial and now I have it.
      So, if I go back to S_039 won't I end with "LK Image…" again ?

    2. LK image incorrect is happen when your device is china device installed with international firmware, so the solution is install china firmware first then if you wanna to international firmware do upgrade or press firmware upgrade button instead download button. A lot people already work this way so i hope it will work with your device too

    1. It up to you… Which china firmware that should you install, i am only have S032.
      It is china firmware that already modified so it don't contains any china applications that not work outside china country. To see the different try go to software information, about phone the build number not contains ROW.
      If it not china firmware why S032 fit with your device? And the S039 not fit and produce LK image error?
      Vibe ui 2.0 also china firmware because ROW or international firmware don't have Vibe ui 2.0 yet still use Vibe ui 1.5

  8. sorry, don't be upset… it's probably my english… I didn't want to question you, I was just trying to explain, as I don't understand these things too well.
    so S_026 was modified vs. for Romania
    Vibe UI 2.0 was official CN
    installed S_039 and got "LK Image…" because the phone is CN
    now S_032 is also CN
    what I'm asking is which international version should I go for?
    shall I go for 58 or 62? Directly or via 39 (because from 39 I might get again "LK image incorrect"?
    or shall I go back to vibe 2, and from there to… which one?
    sorry again (i'm translating from romanian, and I guess the tone sounds very interrogative in english…)

    1. It all to you, you can go to S039 then do system update to S058 or you can also straight to S062, because all can be installed with flash tool. What important is when you from S032 china firmware press firmware upgrade button not like other guide that pressing download button.

  9. hi andy… i dont know i'm in the right topic or not. my lenovo s660 went brick all of the sudden and i dont know why.

    i try this method and i get this error


    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!

    [HINT] : Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.

    Please help me.

    TQ in advance

    1. Thank you for fast reply.

      i'm so sorry.. i dont know what i should do in the first place.

      if u are free, can u explain to me what steps i need to do in order to get my phone back to normal?

      thank you again.

    2. Error 4032 is because your phone produce in 2014 and for update it you need the special preloader, download the preloader and place it on the target bin folder, rename the checksum.ini on the folder target bin then flash like above guide

    1. LK image error is because your phone is china and want to install international firmware. The solution is install the china ROM, like above guide than install Internatinal ROM but instead use download button you must use firmware->upgrade button.

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