Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

17 Jun 2014

Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage – Lenovo S650 or known as Vibe  X mini, Lenovo device always has 2 kind of firmware, CN and ROW. For multi language ROM we need to install ROW (Rest of World) when you first got your Lenovo S650 from shop it might be installed with CN firmware, CN firmware only has 2 language which is english and chinesse and has a lot off china applications which cannot be used outside the china country. So a lot people wanna to remove this china applications and install more language in their device. Today this guide will teach how to install Mulit Language ROM for Lenovo S650 using SP Flash Tool.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Screen Shots :

Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage
Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage
Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

Preparations :

  • Backup your original ROM, you will need it when something happen with your device. For full backup use MtkDroidTool, if you don’t know how to do please refer to How to Make Full Backup For MediaTek device
  • Backup your IMEI, sometime when you do a flashing ROM your IMEI lost or become un available this because when you do flashing it delete NVRAM folder. Result of IMEI lost is all your cell activity become inactive cannot call, internet and messaging. Backup your IMEI using MobileUncle Droid Tool
  • Download and install Lenovo USB Driver to your computer, Windows 8 maybe get some problem when installing the driver, please disable driver signature.

  • Download and install SP Drivers v1.5 to your computer, this installation need to be done manually because it has not any exe file. Connect your phone in off position, your computer will detect any unknown hardware and will ask for driver navigate it to SP Drivers v1.5 extracted folder.

Downloads :

Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage
  1. Extract S650_ROW_S116_140423, there will be S650_ROW_UpgradeTool, apdb, modemdb and Target_bin folders. In this first guide you will only need S650_ROW_UpgradeTool and Target_bin folders. 
  2. Open S650_ROW_UpgradeTool folder and run Flash_Tool, if you using windows 7 or windows 8 then run it as administrator. Check DA DL With All CheckSum don’t forget this is important option forget this will make your device cannot boot with DA error.
  3. Click on Scatter-Loading button and navigate to Target_binMT6582_Android_scatter when you finish select then scatter file the rest will be automate inserted.
    Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage
  4. Finish configured S650_ROW_UpgradeTool, now turn off your device and remove the battery. Press Download button or hit F9 wait for S650_ROW_UpgradeTool to initialize then connect your Lenovo S650 using USB cable.
  5. Wait for S650_ROW_UpgradeTool to recognize your device and begin to flashing process, This flashing process mark by a RED, YELLOW bars in progress box. When flashing process finish it will mark with a GREEN circle in the middle of S650_ROW_UpgradeTool.
    Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

    Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

    Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

    Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage

  6. Done, your device will reboot automatic and start to boot with the new firmware. confirm it with go to System Settings ↦ About. This new firmware already contains Google Apps (Gapps) but NOT ROOTED
That it a guide no how Lenovo S650 Flashing Newest Firmware Multilanguage, if you have any problem regarding to this tutorial please leave a comments or you can leave a message with message form About Me page, i will help you if i can. Thank you for reading 
    1. both options are use to update ROM, but if you use "Downlaod Only" it will format your phone and install ROM.
      and for "Firmware-> upgrade" it will only format system partition and then install the ROM.

      download not working, can you tell me what error number ? if 8038 then maybe you need to try newer version of sp flash tool version 5 http://adf.ly/qte3K

  1. plz help me my lenovo s650 shut down due to battery low when it is updating the mobile after this its strat in only lenovo recovry and not start in normal mode however it also not start in hard reset mode after this i use smart flash tool for this udgrading so its satrting bar color of bar is pink after it it stop on 0% and not give green cirle plz tell me now about my lenovo s650

    1. hi,
      the problem because shutdown when happen can only be fix by re flashing with flash tool, and the problem flash tool remaining at 0% is because you not install usb vcom driver completely to fix with the flash tool just make sure you install usb vcom driver.

  2. Help me,
    I use S650_ROW_S111_131115, and OTA say have a update to S650_ROW_S112_131128. I try to update but failed. My question is can i just download kitkat rom, or i need update 1 by 1. If i can update to kitkat can u give me a link?

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