Your Lenovo and Moto Android smartphones are vulnerable to Hacking, update them now


Patch your Lenovo, Moto Android smartphones now and avoid vulnerabilities to hacking

Android smartphone Security researchers have found four serious vulnerabilities in the device from one of the most major Hardware manufacturers, nothing to worry about the damage in the case have been mollified.Having Security issues found by Security researchers is not a good news for the major hardware manufacturing company.

If you own a Lenovo tablet, a Vibe or Zuk phone, or an older Motorola model (the Moto M or the Moto E3), you need to patch it as soon as possible if it hasn’t already updated on its own.

The Security researcher Imre Rad found four major flaws in the Lenovo Service Framework (LSF) software that Lenovo adds to its Android smartphone devices. This information comes from Lenovo’s support website, which thanks, security researcher Imre Rad for finding these vulnerabilities.

The Lenovo Service Framework(LSF) enables apps push notification into users taskbar, but the researcher Rad found that attacker can steal your personal data or inject any harmful inputs, without any user input.

The proper details of the vulnerabilities aren’t found yet, so nothing to worry as we get enough time to patch our Android smartphones. Android smartphones and tablets are pretty good about applying security updates on their own (or at least nagging users relentlessly about doing so), but if you haven’t downloaded a system patch lately, here’s how to do it:

 First, ensure that your system itself is up to date by accessing System Updates in the Settings Menu. Tap Check for update, and follow the instructions, if necessary. If that’s all good, go to the Google Play Store and tap My apps & games. If the system finds any updates, tap Update All.When that’s finished, go to Settings, Apps and Device Service. The version number should be V4.8.0.2403 or higher. If it’s not, visit Lenovo’s download page and nab the appropriate APK, depending on whether you’re dealing with a smartphone or a tablet. In your Downloads app, tap the APK and let it install. (It may ask you to fiddle with your settings to allow third-party app installations. Go ahead and do so for now, but disable it again after the update)

Thanks to the security researcher which outraged the vulnerabilities and made us more secure by simply applying patch into a local update to our Android smartphones and tablets. Moto users can rest easy, as no clues about new moto models vulnerabilities have been found.


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