Lenovo K910 4G LTE, How to Root and Unlock Fastboot for Android 4.4

06 Feb 2015

Lenovo K910 4G LTE, How to Root and Unlock Fastboot for Android 4.4 – I took this guide on the russian forum, this is how you can root Lenovo K910. This guide is for Lenovo K910 4G LTE with only 1 SIM that only can bought outside china country so if you Lenovo K910 using 2 SIM please don’t attempt to follow this guide.
This guide is will root Lenovo K910, and will make Lenovo K910 lose it warranty. This guide is also has possibility to brick your device so please very consider it before attempt to follow.
Before starting following this guide better to make backup your applications and data on your device because it will erase all your data and applications.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR)

Lenovo K910 4G LTE, How to Root and Unlock Fastboot for Android 4.4

Requirements :

Downloads :
Lenovo K910 4G LTE, How to Root and Unlock Fastboot for Android 4.4
  1. Download all the files required above. First thing to do is we need to install S129 first to your device, follow below guide to install it in Lenovo K910

    • make folder sdfuse on root your internal memory
    • extract K910L_S129_140202 on your computer, you will find .qsb file. Move this .qsb file to sdfuse on your internal memory. Make sure that only one file qsb in sdfuse folder.
    • turn off your device, turn on Lenovo K910 while holding Power button + Volume Down button, it will bring you to recovery mode.
    • in the menu, select Update sd. On the recovery you can use Volume Up and Volume Down for navigate and Power button to enter the menu.
    • wait until installation finish and reboot your device.
  2. Installing custom recovery TWRP v2.7.1.1, Copy update_S214_unlock and Update_SuperSu_v2.00 to your internal memory root, don’t place it inside the folder.
  3. Extract TWRP_v2.7.1.2_K910 on your computer. for example on the c:K910, using command prompt navigate it to extracted folder
    Lenovo K910 4G LTE, How to Root and Unlock Fastboot for Android 4.4
  4. Connect your device on the computer and the run  0_run_twrp_recovery_K910L.bat from inside TWRP extracted folder, wait the process until finish. This will installed custom recovery TWRP v2.7.1.1 on Lenovo K910.
  5. Disconnect your device, Turn off and turn on again while holding Volume Down + Power button, this will bring you to recovery mode. 
  6. Install Update_SuperSu_v2.00 and update_S214_unlock from recovery mode.
  7. Done.
The guide is very long, if you confuse you can contact me or leave any comments and i will try to help you. This guide will install custom recovery TWRP first after that you can root or update to S214 from custom recovery installation menu. Leave comments if you got any problem or broken links regarding this guide. Thank You
    1. Hi Andy,

      I have downloaded all the files, created a folder on Internal Storage of "sdfuse" and copied the qsb file. But, when boot the phone in recovery mode, I dont see "update sd" option.

      Please help.

      My phone details:
      Lenovo K910L
      Software Version: K910L_S219_141211
      Andoid Version: 4.4.2

    2. Thanks for your quick response. Much appreciated.
      I get the following options in recovery:
      – reboot system now
      – apply update from ADB
      – wipe data/factory reset
      – wipe cache partition
      – apply update from internal storage (if I choose this in sdfuse folder qsb file is not shown)
      – apply update from cache.

      Many thanks in advance.

  1. Hey Andy !!!
    First off stellar work bro ………..really appreciate ur efforts. I really want to try ur method out coz so many of the others i have tried have failed, but feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel with ur method!!! My only issue is —i cant download any of the files through the links u provided …maybe coz the links are broken so i checked google by the same file name …there are no alternative download sources. Any help will be great !!!
    Thanks in advance !!!! Keep up the work !!!!

  2. Hi installed custom rom on k910L, but google apps are close once you opened it so i tried reinstalling, i accidentally wiped the os,
    now im stock in lenovo logo, i tried pressing volume up + down + power button, then teamwin is displaying but thats all i can see, it keeps on blinking.
    i tried to run 0_run_twrp_recovery_K910L.bat while my phone is connected to pc(note my phone is in recovery mode with the teamwin banner), it displays the serial, but thats all it didnt finished.

    1. i success unbricked it by using otg cable flash the 214 version of firmware you given.hooray~~~!A question that had brothers me since i bricked my phone>>>should root the phone 1st or unlock the bootloader goes 1st…?

  3. hi, can you pls help me,i just bought a lenovo k910L and updated via OTA, but the update got error so my phone stuck at stock recovery, now i learned that i can flash the stock firmware via adb sideload, i have managed to go through the adb sideload process but during flash the recovery says "wrong footer" and "signature verification failed". what am i doing wrong here? this is the firmware i was trying to flash = https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=FN1g&id=0B2VnoLGhgW7UczRlQV9XQ1YtQW8

  4. Hi, thank you for your guide.
    I do not understand one thing:
    Step 1: you are flashing K910L_S129_140202.
    Step 4: you run TWRP.
    If you can run TWRP in this step, it means that the bootloader is unlocked already.
    So, why you are installing update_S214_unlock? What is it for?
    Yes, I've read: update_S214_unlock ↦ 1.19 Gb, this is update ROM to the latest version for Lenovo K910, and already been unlock fastboot so you can root the phone through this ROM.
    But you have TWRP BEFORE installing update_S214_unlock.
    Help me understand, please.
    Best Regards

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