Lenovo A850 Flashing MIUI V5 4.3.1 Android 4.2 Custom ROM

02 Jun 2014

Lenovo A850 Flashing MIUI V5 4.3.1 Android 4.2 Custom ROM – After last week i am posting on How to Rooting Lenovo A850 and Install Custom Recovery now it time to more modified your Lenovo A850 using MIUI V5 3.12 custom ROM. MIUI actually an official ROM for device named XIOMI this ROM don’t have application drawer button, all applications short cut show like widgets in many screens same like Iphone view but users allow to modified it icons, colors, lock screen, and even boot animation. MIUI V5 4.3.1 for Lenovo A850 no longer support by official MIUI so any update will be provide by unofficial update but it will fix bugs too.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR)

Requirements :

  • CWM / TWRP must be installed first
  • Do Nandroid Backup
  • Battery minimum 70%, we don’t wanna sudden shutdown interrupt flashing process.
Download :

Lenovo A850 Flashing MIUI V5 4.3.1 Android 4.2 Custom ROM

  1. Download MIUI V5 4.3.1 and move it to your sd card
  2. Turn off your device
  3. Turn on your device while Power + Volume Up + Volume Down buttons, this combination buttons will make your device boot to recovery mode.
  4. On recovery mode select Wipe data / Factory Reset ↦ Yes – Delete all user data confirm all and begin to do factory reset.
  5. Back to recovery main menu select Wipe cache partition ↦ Yes – Wipe cache confirm all warning and begin to clean cache partition.
  6. Now go to Mount and Storage ↦ Format /System this will format your /system partition and remove all operating system from your device. When you perform this step it means no turning back if you reboot your device after perform this step you device will bootloop cause there is no operating system inside.
  7. Back to recovery mode main menu, select Install zip from sd card ↦ Choose zip from sd card, navigate to MIUI V5 4.3.1 confirm all warning and begin the installation process.
  8. When installation process finish, back to recovery mode main menu select Wipe data / Factory Reset ↦ Yes – Delete all user data this will avoid boot loop.
  9. Now select Reboot System Now, first time booting will take more longer it will take about 2-3 minutes so please keep patience.
  10. Done, for installation MiuiAndroid Gapps 4.2.2 Small Signed , repeat step 2 and step 7 but on step 7 navigate to MiuiAndroid Gapps 4.2.2 Small Signed file.
    Lenovo A850 Flashing MIUI V5 4.3.1 Android 4.2 Custom ROM
Congratulations !!! now you become more advanced on modified your device. When you try to modified your Lenovo A850 system please don’t forget to make full backup. Thank you for reading this guide don’t hesitate to leave comments when you have problem regarding this tutorial.
    1. hi,
      miui include root just need to active it on system setting-> security. this is a ROM not a applications on something, if you install it it will erase all your DATA and ROM.
      for transfer internal app to external sd card, i think android 4.2 already enabled it default

    1. Hi Andy,
      Can you confirm if this rom allow moving apps to SD? And also can it set External storage as default?

      becase the only rom that support set external storage is using Linerty s121 lenovo rom. This phone has problem with very less internal storage. Need to set external storage as the default write..

      Is this possible in MiUi ?


  1. i use the TWRP to install "MiuiAndroid Gapps 4.2.2 Small Signed" but when i booted into the phone, i am not able to find any Gapps…no playstore…no google services….
    i have try it multiple times….flashing the firmware again….but same…
    please help

    1. Hi,
      There are same user that like you, install but not able to find gapps. I will try to find out why but for now i cannot help you yet. And for gps it the common problem for mtk devices you must hack the gps configuration. I think you can try find it on google how to fix gps on mtk devices

  2. Apparently i also faced the problem as you, but I manage to solve this issue.

    Once your A850 is already changed to MIUI 4.3.1 custom rom, install mobileUncle Tools. Give it a root access.

    I find that CWM / TWRP recovery wasn't able to flash the MiuiAndroid Gapps 4.2.2 Small Signed properly. You need to use this recovery instead.


    Use uncleMobile tool to update the recovery to this version. Boot it to recovery. Install the gapps as per instruction above. Reboot and this time you will notice the android system will be updated with the gapps.

    btw the original source of that CWM is from this site.


  3. Okay so your link's rom doesn't work. So I use miui official pages to install the rom. Is it okay? And only the lenovo logo appear. I think I might have a boot loop. I already factory reset like what you say but still can't. Help

    1. hi,
      thank for your information and sorry for the inconvenience, i am already correct the download link you can try it. try re flash again with download link already fix and first boot will take 4-5 minute to finish so please be patient

    1. yes, you already format your system, so you must bring it back first before you can continued to install miui. but if you force not wanna back to your old then just format all data, system, cache then install miui, then do factory reset format data and cache only then try to normal boot.

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