Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage

21 Mar 2014

Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage – Lenovo A850 is a powerful phone but with small storage, only have 2 GB and not have ability to set default installation to external storage. This phone have GPU Mali-400 which is support to high end games easily because a small storage this ability cannot be used. Today i gone share how to install ROM on Lenovo A850 that enable to set default installation to external storage.

Warning :

Do it at yr own risk. I cannot keep no warranty or responsibility on a result of your effort. Please consider your abilities as following operations can brick your device. Also, for some dealers of mobile phones, modification like those bellow results in loss of your warranty.

Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage

Change Log :

  • A850.ROW.V18, 2013/11/12 18:45
  • bloatwares removed
  • Lenovo Power working (Energy Smart icon working)
  • Support Install to SD Card
Requirement :
  • Driver Installation 
    • Download Lenovo USB Driver
    • Install to computer, After finish installation please reboot computer first
    • Connect Lenovo A850 to computer, wait until driver installation process finish
    • Enable USB Debugging. Go to System Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging
  • Download ROM A850_S121_ROW_v18
  • Download SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119
How to Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage
  1. Extract all download files on a folder, you will have SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 and A850_S121_ROW_v18.
  2. Turn off your Lenovo A850 and remove battery, sim card, and sd card. Connect your Lenovo A850 to your computer, it will installing Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port. After finish installing Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port success, disconnect your phone from your computer.
  3. Now open SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 folder and run Flash_tool.exe check on DA DL With Check Sum. Click on Scatter-loading look for MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt on the A850_S121_ROW_v18 folder, look on /target_bin sub folder
    Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage
  4. Check and the click on PRELOADER, MBR, EBR1, UBOOT, etc and browse to A850_S121_ROW_v18 folder. 
    Lenovo A850 Enable External Storage
  5. Connect your phone to computer and now we ready to Flash A850_S121_ROW_v18. Click Download buttons. When your device detect then it will show Red Bar and not very long it will become Yellow Bar increase. Wait until it reach 100% please don’t remove, shutdown or reboot your computer in this moment cause it will make your device bricked. When it finish it will show you Green Sign and you can disconnect your device.
  6. Done. disconnect your phone and turn it on normally
To verified the change that you have done with your phone please go to System Settings > Storage choose for your default write disk.
  1. my lenovo a850 bricked after do this , it's all correct i'm following this step, once finish the flashtool show a circle image with green colour means it's success ? after that my phone can not on anymore… any solution for this ? 🙁

    1. hi,
      are you sure your laptop cannot detect your device, because when you successful install VCOM USB driver it will not show new device on device manager, way to know is using flash tool, if flash tool can detect your device than you can re flash it to fix your device.
      no there is no other way.

  2. I already flash my phone before this, until it show green circle at flash tool. When i try to on my phone, nothing happen, when i charge the bttry, it also nothing happen. But, when i take out the bttry, and connect to lptop, the red led on my phone always lite, but my lptop cannot detect anything on my phone.

    1. insert the battery back to your phone, connect to laptop. see it charging or not, it should be charging if not then the is some problem with your usb port. i am right ? because when you connect the phone on laptop it always charging even in turn off condition.

    1. hard brick is only happen when you flash wrong ROM file, ie ROM for Lenovo A850+ installed on Lenovo A850. It will make hard brick your device and only can save with sort ic inside the case, i am forget what it name. But it rare wrong flashing ROM unless you do it on purpose.
      sorry bad english, i hope you understand it.

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