Lenovo A536, Perform OTA Update to the Latest Version ROW_S167

29 Dec 2014

Lenovo A536, Perform OTA Update to the Latest Version ROW_S167 – Firmware update for Lenovo A536 with the build number A536_S167_141216_ROW already release on the early of December, this can be obtain with OTA update.
Interesting of this update is, this can be installed from any previous version but i also have the condition that your previous version still using Lenovo Standard Recovery and not have been modified on system file. This update is will format or erase all your data on the device so please make backup preparation first before continued following this guide, it not only patch your system.
So today guide is how to perform OTA update for Lenovo A536 to the latest firmware version S167_ROW.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR)

Lenovo A536, Perform OTA Update to the Latest Version ROW_S167

Preparations :

  • For china devices, do this with your own risk. Only tested on device sold outside the china country.
  • Only available for ROW version firmware, china firmware please don’t do this because it will not work.
  • Make sure battery is > 50% and already have backup preparations
Download :
  • A536_S167_141216_ROW 1 Gb, contains full installation file for update your Lenovo A536 to the latest version S167_ROW
Lenovo A536, Perform OTA Update to the Latest Version ROW_S167
  1. This update don’t required any computer so it not need to install any driver on your computer, just download A536_S167_141216_ROW to your computer and after finish move or copy it to your device external SD Card.
  2. On your device rename the A536_S167_141216_ROW to update.zip, just rename it don’t extract it, just leave it as update.zip and this file must be place on the root of your external SD Card
  3. Turn off your device, wait for completely turn off then press and hold Power button + Volume Up + Volume Down, release it when you can see recovery mode.
  4. Installation will begin automatically once you successful go to recovery mode, just wait installation to be finish. It will take 3-4 minutes to finish.
    Lenovo A536, Perform OTA Update to the Latest Version ROW_S167
  5. Done, When installation finish it will reboot your device automatically. First boot will take longer, usually it will take 4-5 minutes to finish. After successful boot just verify that your Build Number is same with the downloaded ROM. Go to System Setting ↦ About Phone ↦ Version Information
Congratulations, You have successful update your Lenovo A536 with the latest ROW version firmware. Please leave comments when you found any problems or broken links regarding this guide, and Thank you for visit
    1. Hi
      The picture is from s168 to s175, in this guide is s167 so i think you will get s168 first before get the s175. But for make sure on monday i will find it out, and will publish it soon on this blog. Thank for your information

    2. hi,
      already check the download link seem it OK, i can download from it. Sorry cannot provide link without adv. the link is redirect using adfly, if you cannot download it please change your dns to google dns and try to redownload it

    1. hi,
      impossible unless you have broken your front camera, try using another 3rd party software that can access your front camera, if using another 3rd party software camera you can use your front camera than try to factory reset maybe default camera software got error.

    1. are you using china version ? or international firmware version. as you know china version firmware have many unwanted china applications and it cannot be remove unless you install international version firmware. or root your phone and remove from system directory

  1. maybe china version, if root my phone what should i remove? i dont usually trust root apps, maybe they were the ones who gives me this problems unless your a recommended rooting app which is safer?, or where can i download international version firmware? plss really need your help.

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