Latest Kodi Leia 18.7 movie, music and podcast player released-download now


The latest version of new Kodi Leia 18.7 movie player for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows available — download it NOW!

How to install Kodi Leia 18.7 on your Amazon FireTV and Firestick

We had reported how GitHub was being forced to remove the Kodi Add-on a few weeks earlier. Kodi is again in the news for its newly released Kodi Leia 18.7 movie, music and podcast player. Kodi is an open-source project and the dev team has now released a new version of its hugely popular home theater software.

If you are using VLC Player of MX Player, you did better switch to Kodi Leia as it brings more features to you and it is open source.

Undoubtedly, Kodi is one of the best platforms to rely on for full home theater experience. Kodi not only works on your Windows and macOS PCs, but it also supports Android smartphones and Android Smart TVs. It can turn your simple entertainment into a smart entertainment hub where you can watch anything for free.

Kodi itself doesn’t host any content whatsoever. However, you can access any media content on your SD Card, USB, NAS, DVD, Blu-Ray, or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally you can use Kodi Addons which allow you to watch movies without a hitch. Kodi allows you to install third-party Kodi addons for movies, videos, games, that may provide access to content.

What’s new with Kodi Leia 18.7


  • Fix to not reset user-set volume (Android)
  • Fixes around multi-channel audio track support


  • Fixes to Blu-ray subtitle language recognition
  • Fix playback of bus-encrypted Blu-ray discs
  • Improved library handing for plugins if media source is removed
  • Use JNI instead of NDK for MediaCodec (Android)
  • Further work on maximum width and height/vertical-shift (Android)
  • Fixes around real-time handling of TS streams


  • Fixes around library handling of “isalbumartist” field
  • Fixes around the expansion of ISO images to avoid GUI freezes
  • Ensure album artist isn’t blanked out when scraping


  • Improvements around the handling of proxy credentials
  • Fix for proxy empty fields (proxy, username, password)


  • Fix crash if an incompatible VFS addon is present
  • Fix display of title for compressed package directories
  • Fixes around addon settings folder naming


  • Fixes around decoding of HTML escape characters
  • Fix around SMI (SAMI) subtitles and quoted start tags

Other fixes

  • Add “Swiss German” and “Portuguese (Brazil)” to language codes
  • Fix to guard against assert in tinyxml
  • Fix stack overflow when trying to find NFO files in a RAR file
  • Implement range checking in URIUtils::resolvePath
  • Implement support for extended local headers in ZIP files used by some scrapers

You can read about the Kodi Leia 18.7 changelog here. You can download the latest version of Kodi Leia 18.7 for Windows and Linux PC/laptops, macOS PCs and MacBooks, Android smartphones, and Android Smart TV from here.

You can also install Kodi Leia 18.7 on your Amazon Firestick by following this method:

  1. Go to settings of your FireTV or stick
  2. Then select my Fire TV
  3. Choose developer options and enable ADB debugging.
  4. Enable “install apps from unknown sources” feature.
  5. launch Downloader App
  6. In the option to enter URL, Enter “”.
  7. Click on download and then install

That’s it, your Amazon Firestick or FireTV now has Kodi installed. You should disable the Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data from Settings > Preferences > Privacy.


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