Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices


Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices – Most of MTK devices using default AOSP keyboard personally i will replace this keyboard by another 3rd party application because i am not so happy with this keyboard. I think it too simple don’t have much features and the appearance is not that good, The easy way is search 3rd party keyboard on Google Play Store, if you don’t wanna to experience with your android device. This guide is show how to change an AOSP keyboard with another AOSP keyboard but with row number in top of it, to do this guide your device must be ROOTED.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices

The only requirement for this guide is ROOTED devices, if your devices still not ROOTED please look for how to root your devices in this blog. Or you can leave comments for asking rooting guide for your devices i will try to help you with your problems.

Downloads :

Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices
  1. Install root explorer on your device, but if you already have explorer applications that can go to system folder just ignore this step.
  2. Download LatinIM and copy or move to your sd card
  3. Open root explorer and navigate to /system/app/ backup current LatinIM to safe place or just rename it. so you can restore it to default when something happen.
  4. Move or copy LatinIM from sd card to /system/app
    Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices

  5. Press and hold to set permission to 644
    Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices
    Keyboard with Number Row on MTK Devices
  6. Reboot, your device and enjoy your new keyboard.
Thank you for reading this tutorial, this is just only one the advantages of ROOTED devices, there is many more so stay tune and get the newest update from this blog. Please share this article if you like it..

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Ayieh Picardal
6 years ago

Hi sir can we install this keyboard on Lenovo S90-a?

6 years ago
Reply to  Ayieh Picardal

Yes you can as long as you root your device. Need root for this modification