KelvinSecurity hacking group is selling confidential data of 380,000 BMW owners on Dark Web hacker forums


KelvinSecurity Team hacking group has just put confidential database of 384,319 BMW car owners from the United Kingdom for sale on the Dark Web hacker forum

If you are a BMW car owner and based in the United Kingdom, you should read this news. According to Israeli threat intelligence firm, Kela, a hacking group called KelvinSecurity Team has put up a database of nearly 384,319 BMW car owners in the United Kingdom for sale on Dark Web hacker forums.

The database consists of personal identifiable information including names, physical address, emails, vehicle numbers, VINs, dealer names, invoices, etc and is being offered for sale on an underground forum by the KelvinSecurity Team hacking group, according to KELA.

Who is the KelvinSecurity Team hacking group?

KelvinSecurity Team hacking group is the latest hacking group to make a foray into hacking, stealing, and selling databases on dark web hacker forums. KelvinSecurityTeam aka KelvinSec Team claims to be legit ‘Business Intelligence Contractors’ but InfoArmor says they are a hacking group probably based in Russia.

KelvinSec has been into hacking and selling database business since 2018 and started off with hacking into databases of Movistar, Entel, Bitel, Claro, Belém Information Technology Company (CINBESA),, Parand, and Arak. However, now it has diversified by hacking into bigger companies.

According to Infoarmor, KelvinSec doesn’t have any particular political agenda and hack into any webserver that gives them profit. The group uses the pasting website, Pastebin to announce its hacks and also through its various Twitter accounts.

Recently, the KelvinSec hacking group tried to sell databases related to U.S. business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Yesterday it put the BMW database for sale on the Dark Web hacker forums. In addition to the BMW database, KELA says that has offered as many as 16 databases for sale in June 2020 alone. The 16 databases include U.S government contractors and Russian military weapons development website. In addition, the group reportedly dumped for free 28 databases affecting entities in Mexico, Iran, U.S., Australia, Sweden, France, and Indonesia.

KELA said that KelvinSec’s sale notification says the BMW data came from a “call center” that manages customers of different car suppliers. Kela researchers found that the database contains almost 500,000 United Kingdom car owners’ customer records from 2016 to 2018 and is from varied car brands like Mercedes, SEAT, Honda, and Hyundai.


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