Jeff Bezos’ girlfriends brother sues the worlds richest man and promises to air dirty laundry


Lauren Sanchez’s brother sues Jeff Bezos over nude image leaks for an unspecified amount, says will air all family dirty laundry

This is one family feud that has gone all wrong. The cause is that one nude image leak! The nude leak not only wreaked Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ marriage to MacKenzie Bezos, now it can leave Jeff will little less money(not that he cares after all he is the richest man on earth).

The story begins with Michael Sanchez, a Hollywood talent agent and who is also the brother of the current girlfriend of Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez. The brother has now filed a suit against the Amazon billionaire and has promised to not “be pretty for the richest man in the world”.

Michael Sanchez alleges Bezos defamed him by falsely claiming he shared the billionaire’s nude photos that the National Enquirer allegedly threatened to publish. Sanchez is suing against Bezos and a private investigator, Gavin de Becker for an unspecified amount,

The case begins with the leak of sizzling and intimate images of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. At the time of the leak, Bezos blamed Michael Sanchez for leaking these images. Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Sanchez said as far as he is concerned Federal investigators found he had no case to answer. He said: “Once the FBI and Amazon’s own investigators cleared me of ever possessing the pictures used to blackmail Jeff, I thought I’d get a private apology, at a minimum.

“But Jeff and Lauren haven’t looked back, I’ve been thrown under the bus,” says Michael.

The lawsuit could see the media and marketing czar in the courtroom testifying in the case. Sanchez claims to have been defamed by claims that he was the one to give alleged texts between 56-year-old Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez to the National Enquirer. He says he was Lauren’s “dutiful brother and manager” when the texts were leaked.

Sanchez also says in the suit he was “scapegoated” when a private investigator and other federal authorities probed who leaked the messages to the National Enquirer.

Readers should note that just a day after Bezos announced his divorce from wife MacKenzie, the alleged texts and nude images between him and his girlfriend emerged. At that time, there were rumors that Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, hacked the Amazon CEO’s phone with WhatsApp malware.

However, a scoop by National Enquirer on the Jeff Bezos affair confirmed that the images and the messages had come from his girlfriend’s friend and not Michael Sanchez.


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