ISIS supporter hacked this lady’s Facebook account; Facebook locked her out of her business page


Facebook locks Bailey Mazziotti’s FB Business Page after ISIS supporter hacks it; Bailey sues Facebook

They say justice prevails. In this case, it happens to untrue. Bailey Mazziotti learned it the hard way. On 27th April an unknown hacker who seems to be the supporter of ISIS hacked Bailey’s Facebook account(the current profile image on her Facebook doesn’t seem like ISIS flag). The unknown hacker had changed her profile photo with the image of a man holding an ISIS flag. The hacker also changed her password, locking her out of her account.

This is when it gets interesting. Facebook had responded almost immediately, locking her out of her business pages as well. Facebook followed it up with locking Bailey’s Instagram page as well. Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook sent Bailey an email informing her about disabling here accounts.

“They sent me a link to verify my identity, so I did that. I got an automated email back saying that it had been reviewed and they determined I had violated their community standards and my account is permanently disabled.”

Bailey Mazziotti

Bailey is a single mom with two kids. She started her own website called Bailey’s Knits on Shopify, which sells handmade blankets, baskets, and other props to photographers who specialize in baby pictures. Bailey’s only source of promotion and sale was the Facebook and Instagram business page. She estimated that she was losing an estimated $1,000 a day in sales due to the Facebook action.

Bailey can only contact robots at Facebook

Bailey’s problems were expounded because she was unable to reach any humans at the Facebook help center. When she discovered the hack, Bailey took all the steps Facebook recommends in its help center and tried numerous times to reach someone who could resolve the situation.

“I tried to respond to the email. I tried to go through business support. There’s a live chat option you can go through. The result of that has been to tell me that’s not their department and they cannot help me.”

Bailey Mazziotti

She hoped to overcome the dire situation by creating a new Facebook account using a different email address but it failed to get the reach she earlier had. Many of her customers had moved on.

“but it’s like starting from scratch. the only thing that I can do is try to email my old customers and tell them what’s going on. I sent out a newsletter, but that only has probably 1,000 people who are subscribed. There’s been hackers that have tried to hack my account before, but I’ve always been able to get it back. I’ve never heard of Facebook just totally disabling an account.”

Bailey Mazziotti

Bailey sues Facebook

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get a personal response from Facebook, Bailey hired an attorney, Anthony Garcia, a Denver attorney who specializes in commercial litigation. Finally, Garcia filed a lawsuit against Facebook on April 30.

The injunction filed on behalf of Bailey requires Facebook to reinstate her personal page so she can regain access to her business page or to provide her with direct access to the business pages. Bailey also wants Facebook to pay here damages and lawyer fees.

This Facebook lockout issue is a very serious problem. Especially for small pages who rely on Facebook for promotion. Facebook locks out users and bans them under the slightest pretext leaving them with no other alternative. Facebook customer service is available only for big pages that spend millions on Facebook advertising. Facebook users like Bailey are left stranded clutching straws in the dark.

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