Is your Samsung smartphone crashing with black screens, garbage characters, consistent restart?


Samsung Android Smartphones are crashing with black screens, garbage characters, and consistent restart

The Android Smartphone giant Samsung is been very promising and advanced in the current era of smartphones. The smartphone manufacturer has launched plenty of smartphones and gadgets in the recent past. The company has launched smartphones and other gadgets with every range. Samsung has also been effective at its flagship gadgets. At an average, a Samsung smartphone lasts at least 3 years at its best and provides all the system/security updates regularly.

Well here is something that Samsung should take care of, according to a Weibo report Samsung smartphone users are complaining that their smartphones are crashing.

Users are complaining about their smartphones are having issues like black screens, garbage characters, and infinite restarts. According to the report the problem is found in Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, and S10 and also exists in older models.

After investigating the matter it was found that the issue resided in the April security update. The April security update has some loopholes that are exploiting these issues. The Users that haven’t installed the April security update are not been affected. Samsung’s entire Note series has found no issues with the April security patch.

The researchers have also recommended that turn off your automatic update and you need to have back up of the data. As soon as Samsung received too many complaints online from the users, they released an official statement that they have received complaints, feedbacks, and system problems faced by users. The company stated that they will detect the problem and try to come out with the solutions as early as possible.

Dear Samsung mobile phone users, we have received feedback from some users on system issues. At present, we are actively investigating the reasons and providing corresponding solutions as soon as possible

Samsung said

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