Is your Microsoft Edge browser crashing? here is how to fix


Are you facing the Microsoft Edge browser crashing when you type into the address bar to search? here is how you can fix it

If you are using Windows then you must know Microsoft released its new version of Edge browser alongside the Windows 10 May 2020 aka 2004 update. The company has revamped the browser and has introduced multiple features which the users have liked and also started to use it as their native browser. Microsoft also forced its Edge browser to launch at the startup which may have influenced the user to make it their native browser.

Meanwhile, as discovered in multiple popular forums and Microsoft’s official forum, the users are facing unexpected crashing of the Microsoft Edge browser when they type into the address bar to search. The company however acknowledged the issue being faced by the users through its official Twitter account. Where the entire browser would crash when Google was set as the default search engine.

Microsoft recommended turning off Search Suggestions on Edge://settings/search as a temporary workaround. Many users tested this workaround, and it solved the problem. As of now, Microsoft is recommending that all Edge users revert to any settings they have changed as the address bar crashes are now resolved.

Moreover, the company has yet revealed why the error is only limited to Google search users in Edge. Whereas If users switched to another search engine such as Microsoft’s Bing within Edge, the crashes never occurred. However, a few hours later, Microsoft told users the issue had been fixed and to reverse any changes to settings they may have made to avoid the crashes.

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