Iranian authorities arrest three men for selling babies on Instagram


Three Iranians arrested by Police on suspicion of trying to sell two babies on Instagram

This is beyond repulsive. Using the world’s top social networking website to sell 20-day old babies is definitely beyond vulgar use of Instagram. The police authorities in Iran have arrested three men for operating a baby-selling Instagram profile.

Iran’s capital, Tehran’s police chief, Brig-Gen Hossein Rahimi said that they had managed to break a ring of the baby-selling Instagram page by arresting three men. The babies sold on Instagram were as young as a 20-day old baby and the oldest one on was 2 months old.

The local authorities were alerted after an ad advertising babies for sale appeared on Instagram. The police investigated these “ads on Instagram for selling babies” and uncovered nearly “10 to 15 such Instagram pages” on the photo-sharing service.

Further investigations led the police to the two babies being offered for sale. the police arrested the three men who operated this heinous ring and babies were handed over to social services.

The modus operandi of these baby-sellers was simple. They bought these babies for as low as $500 and sold them for between $2,000 and $2,500. One of those arrested allegedly said he was “getting babies from poor families” and “handing them over to families who could provide a better future”

This is not the first such case uncovered by the authorities in Iran. Earlier this year, police in the province of Gorgan said they had arrested four women and a man who had allegedly been finding poor pregnant women and paying their hospital expenses, then taking away their babies after they gave birth.

However, a more pertinent question is how Facebook and Instagram allow these fiends to make ads about selling babies and let them post it on Instagram. Prima facie it seems that the Iranian version of Facebook is lenient about such posts to allow such ads to escape moderation and get published on Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are as guilty as the three men arrested by the Iranian police for aiding and abetting baby trafficking in Iran.

Source BBC News.


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