IPHONE maker wants Apple to stop branding its smartphones as iPhone


IGB Eletrônica maker of Android IPHONE has sued Apple to stop selling its iPhone in Brazil

IGB Eletrônica is a Brazilian consumer electronics company based in Manaus, and with offices in São Paulo. The company designs and markets many product lines, including video (e.g. televisions, DVD players), audio, home theater, high-end acoustics, office and mobile stereo, wireless, mobile/smartphones, and tablets for the Brazilian market. IGB Electronica also owns a subsidiary called Gradiente.

Gradiente Electronica had launched a series of Android smartphones in Brazil 8 years back(2012) which was known as ‘IPHONE’. The name of the Android Smartphone was quite similar to Apple’s Flagship products ‘iPhone’. The Brazilian company filed the trademark rights complaint in the court and believed it was the one holding the rights over the trademark.

The Brazilian court surprisingly favored IGB Electronica but a higher court then decided to allow both the companies to use the trademark in the country.

After 6 years of the complaint, IGB Electronica just didn’t want to give up on the fight, so in 2018 it revived the lawsuit again in an attempt to win exclusive rights over the trademark. However, the other judge also stuck to the same decision of allowing both the companies to use the trademark. Now again IGB Electronica has tried to attempt to this legal dispute, hoping that the Supreme Federal Court in Brazil would rule in its favor and forbid Apple to use the iPhone branding in the country.

It is very obvious that the case would again end up in the same position, but there are some positives that will have a settlement of the dispute and allow Apple to bring its flagship back to the country.


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