iOS bug doesn’t let iPhone users open Apps like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.5 bug doesn’t let users run Apps with ‘This App is No Longer Shared’ Message

Many Apple iPhone users running iOS 13.4.1 or 13.5 on their smartphones have noticed that they cant open some Apps like YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, LastPass, and more. They are greeted with the ‘This App is No Longer Shared’ Message immediately if they tap on the App.

The issue seems to affect iPhone users who have updated the above Apps (WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) in the last 12 hours. The bug is definitely not caused by the newly released iOS 13.5 as users with iPhones running iOS 13.4.1 are also reporting the same issue. The issue is user-specific as all iPhones don’t seem to be affected with the ‘This App is No Longer Shared’ bug.

iPhone owners who were affected by this strange bug took to social media and forums to air their problems in running the Apps. An iPhone user noted that,

Is anyone else experiencing widespread app crashes? I am suddenly being informed that “this app is no longer shared with you” from several iOS apps. When I follow the prompt to the app’s App Store page, the only option is to “open” which then just puts me back into the same loop.

Another user stated:

I just had this happen to me with YouTube today!!! Sucks! Another iOS bug. Apple used to have hardware that worked well because it cared so much about software. If Apple doesn’t watch out, it will lose its dominance like Blackberry once did. Someone will come along and make great software that works with the hardware in an ecosystem and Apple’s lead will vanish overnight. I cannot wait for the day!!! So sick of Cook’s Apple. Make Apple Great Again. Hire a “product person” as CEO!!!

Fix ‘This App is No Longer Shared’ iPhone issue

If you cant run the above-mentioned Apps on your iPhone and get the ‘This App is No Longer Shared’ message when you tap any App, you should delete the App and reinstall it. Offloading the App will also work. If you don’t want to delete the App, offload it to fix the but.

Apple has not yet commented on this bug.


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