Interested in AI and Machine Learning; Here Are Five Free Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners


Try Out One Of These Five FREE Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners From Reputed Colleges

The world is in lockdown due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. Many students would like to use this quality time on doing something worthwhile. With a lockdown likely to be in place till July 2020 in some parts of the world, students and professionals who have a lot of time on their hands could use the time to learn a new skill set.

If you have not already heard of AI or Artificial Intelligence, now is the time to get acquainted with it. Many foreign colleges have started offering free online courses that learners can take during the lockdown. There are many FREE courses available for students, however, if your interest lies in A.I., Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, you should read this complete article.

Many colleges listed below are offering specific artificial intelligence for beginners courses free of cost. If you are interested in such a course, you can enroll in the below course for free. If you want to continue with the advanced course you will have to pay. But those students who want to familiarize themselves with AI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can sign up for the FREE Online Artificial Intelligence course today itself.

Here are the top five free online courses on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Harvard University’s CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python:

As the description says, this course is for beginners about machine learning in Python. The self-paced course is 7 weeks long and will cover graph search algorithms, reinforcement learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence principles, and so on. You can enroll for this course here.

Great Learning offers Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning:

This course can be called an intermediate course and requires the students to have a working knowledge of Python, linear regression, logistic regression, and basic algebra. The course consists of 15 hours of video content that covers various aspects of neural networks such as loss functions, batch normalization, hyperparameter tuning, deep neural networks, tensor flow, etc. Those who wish to enroll for this course can visit the Great Learning website here.

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate by Coursera: 

This course is offered by Coursera in association with IBM. This course teaches students the fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning. The course has six subsections which are machine learning with Python, scalable machine learning on big data using Apache Spark, deep neural networks with PyTorch, etc. To enroll for this Coursera course visit here.

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics by Edx:

This course is also certified by IBM and teaches about artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications. The self-paced four-week course aims to provide a basic understanding of what is AI, its applications and use cases and how it is transforming lives. If you are interested in this course, kindly visit here.

Elements of AI by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki:

This free online course is offered by University of Helsinki in association with Reaktor. It can be taken by any student who is interested in AI and has no math or programming background. The course spans across 6 modules and 30 hours and provides an introduction to the basics of artificial intelligence. If you are interested in this FREE online course visit here.

The above-listed courses are FREE and can be availed only online. All of them are aimed at giving education to the students during the CoronaVirus pandemic lockdown and some courses offer certification.


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