Intel suffers 20 GB of confidential data breach from its internal documents


Intel suffers a data breach, about 20GB of confidential data leaked online

Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer based on revenue and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors. According to ZDNet, Intel has suffered a data breach that has leaked about 20 GB of confidential data online. Leak confirmed to be authentic. Many files are marked as “confidential” or “restricted secret.” and were under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

As far as the leak analysis there is also some evidence leaking the BIOS code as well as debugging tools developed by the chipmaker. Intel is currently investigating the situation and believes that the leak came from the Intel Resource and Design Center.

The leaked data was posted on the file-sharing site MEGA and was also shared on Twitter. A software engineer Till Kottmann who had posted the link to the leaked data said he received it from an anonymous hacker, who had hacked Intel in early 2020.

Looking at the screenshot of the leaked data it was learned that the data mainly includes various Intel’s roadmaps and confidential documents as well as schematics, tools, and firmware versions of different processors. Also, it was noticed that the leaked data also includes marketing templates of the company and some NDAs.

β€œUnless I am misunderstanding my source, I can already tell you that the future parts of this leak will have even juicer and more classified stuff,” Kottmann

β€œWe are investigating this situation. The information appears to come from the Intel Resource and Design Center, which hosts information for use by our customers, partners, and other external parties who have registered for access,” an Intel spokesperson told CRN.

According to ZDNet’s study, None of the leaked files contain sensitive data about Intel customers or employees, and also it is unclear what all data was accessible by the hacker other than this. As per the screenshot of the conversation between Kottmann and the hacker, the data was not acquired using an account on the Intel Resource and Design Center. However, several documents that were a part of the leak are said to have links to the Resource and Design Center.

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