Intel is quietly working on “mOS” a modified version of the Linux kernel


Intel found quietly working on “mOS” a modified version of the Linux kernel for high-performance computing purposes

Back in 2019, Intel launched oneAPI, a unified and scalable programming model to harness the power of diverse computing architectures in the era of HPC/AI convergence. Now the company has been found working on “mOS” probably known as “multiOS”. This new development by the company will provide users with a modified version of the Linux kernel that in turn is running lightweight kernels for high-performance computing purposes.

Compiling multiple reviews and other results Android Rookies has learned that mOS for Hight Performance Computing(HPC) is an operating systems research project at Intel, targeting extreme-scale HPC systems. It aims to deliver a high-performance computing environment with the scalability, low noise, and repeatability expected of lightweight kernels (LWK) while maintaining overall Linux compatibility that HPC applications need.

Intel’s development of mOS has not made chaos around as it’s still largely a research project. But if you are looking for a project that needs a high potential in the section of high-performance computing to provide better results, scalability, and reliability of HPC workloads. As the research gets further it was also known that mOS can be used on some supercomputers like ASCI Red, IBM Blue Gene, and others.

It is also worth knowing that Intel mOS system will continue to be based on Linux extensions, the latest version 0.8 uses the Linux 5.4 LTS kernel, but it has its own LWK lightweight kernel, the Linux kernel manages a small number of CPU cores to ensure compatibility, and the LWK kernel manages the rest of the system, similar to the Mutil-OS multi-OS.

You can assume that this development of Intel is built for future 5G applications, and once 5G becomes popular and applications are deployed, supercomputers will soon be commercially available, and Intel will undoubtedly be one step ahead.

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