Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780


Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780 – Today posting is about how to install custom recovery TWRP to Lenovo P780, this installation guide is also show on how to rooting Lenovo P780. TWRP v2.6.30 in this guide will be installed using Mobile Uncle MTK Tools so it required your devices to be ROOTED. TWRP is a custom recovery with touch function to navigate along it menus, it also have the same menus like any other custom recovery like backup, restore, advanced restore, install, and etc. In this guide i will try to explain every steps it take so if even you a new to android you can still follow this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Do with your own risk rooting void your device warranty. (DWYOR) This can only fit with ROW firmware and don’t fit with CN firmware.

Downloads :

Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780
  1. Download all files required to your computer. Move MobileUncle MTK Tool and TWRP_P780_v2.6.3.0 to your sd card. Extract Root Genius v1.0.7 and run it, first time running it will update to latest version 1.9.3 just wait.
  2. Prepare your device to be ROOTED, enable USB Debugging, go to System Setting ↦ Developer Options ↦ USB Debuggning if you not enable this options than your computer will not recognize your device.
    Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780
  3. If you never install Lenovo USB Driver, please install it first before connect your device to computer. After finish installing driver, now connect your device to your computer with USB cable. Root Genius v1.0.7 will recognize your device and will display root status. Just click Green Root Button in the lower left of Root Genius v1.0.7.
  4. Wait the rooting process until finish, After finish check in your applications drawer there will be root application called KingUser this mean your device already ROOTED.
  5. Now enable Unknown Sources option. Go to System Settings ↦ Security ↦ Unknown Sources this option will make you can install apk to your device. 
  6. Install MobileUncle MTK Tool, if any security warning just confirm it and continued to install.
  7. Run MobileUncle MTK Tool, select Recovery Update, there will be list that show a recovery file from your sd card and from remote. Select topmost, it will be TWRP_P780_v2.6.3.0. confirm it and begin the custom recovery installation process.
    Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780

    Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780

    Installing TWRP v2.6.30 Custom Recovery on Lenovo P780
  8. Wait the process until finish, when it finish there will be option to boot to Recovery Mode select Yes and your device will be reboot to Recovery Mode.
  9. Done
Now you already successful install custom recovery TWRP v2.6.30, Try to explorer and try to backup your current ROM using this tool. That all, thank you for reading if you have any problems regarding this tutorial please don;t be hesitate to leave any comments i will try to help you if i can. Thank You

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