Installing Official Stock Custom Vibe ROM v1.5 for Lenovo P780

20 May 2014

Installing Official Stock Custom Vibe ROM for Lenovo P780 – Now it time for Lenovo P780 tasted Android 4.4.2 flavor, after Lenovo S820 and Lenovo S920 now this Vibe UI v1.5 can be taste for Lenovo P780 users. Vibe UI v1.5 for Lenovo P780 still in development state, not suitable for daily usage. Please consider it first before try to apply on your device. Installing Vibe UI is a little bit complicated, even they claimed that you can flash directly in stock android recovery. But still, it is because these are chinese based ROM, so if you are in international ROW ROM, it suggest to change your base before flashing.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

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Installing Official Stock Custom Vibe ROM v1.5 for Lenovo P780
Installing Official Stock Custom Vibe ROM v1.5 for Lenovo P780

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Installing Official Stock Custom Vibe ROM v1.5 for Lenovo P780
  1. Please turn on USB Debugging, go to System Settings → Developer Options→ USB Debugging. with this options your device will recognized with your computer.
  2. Backup everything with MTKDroidTools, tis step is very IMPORTANT don’t skip it.
  3. Flash any chinese based ROM S125 (P780_S125_130529), this need to be install using SP Flash Tool method.
  4. After finishing back to chinese based ROM, now please try to boot at least do one clean boot with this chinese based ROM.
  5. If you have trouble with chinese language, please install Language Changer for China Based ROM
  6. Now we must ROOT this chinese based ROM using Framaroot, just download Framaroot 1.6.1 install and begin to ROOT.
  7. Now install MobileUncleTools, ensure device already ROOTED because it will not work without root access.
  8. Install CWM, Open MobileUncleTools and go to Recovery Update menu and begin to install CWM
  9. After successful installing custom recovery Now it time to flash VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_5_DEV_P780_DF4F, go to recovery mode press and hold Power Button + Volume UP + Volume Down.
  10. On recovery mode, select Wipe data / Factory Reset and Wipe Cache. go to Mount and Storage → Format /system
  11. Back to recovery main menu, select Install zip from sd card → Choose zip from sd card navigate to VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_5_DEV_P780_DF4F.
  12. After successful installing VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_5_DEV_P780_DF4F, don’t boot to normal mode first, back to recovery main menu and do Wipe data / Factory Reset and Wipe Cache
  13. Reboot your device to normal mode. first time booting will take longer time so please keep patience on waiting.
  14. Now it time to install Gapps (Google Apps), reboot to recovery mode, select Install zip from sd card → Choose zip from sd card navigate to Gapps (Google Apps).
  15. Back to recovery main menu and select Install zip from sd card → Choose zip from sd card → navigate to SuperSu v1.97
  16. Done, reboot your device and start enjoy Vibe UI v1.5 Android 4.4.2
Vibe UI v1.5 has it OTA update but only available is device not ROOTED, MODDED, or have CUSTOM RECOVERY. I hope now you can enjoy Android 4.4.2 on your Lenovo P780 if you have any problem don’t hesitate to leave comments i will try to helps you.
    1. doesn't matter, as you have cwm you can root your device with install supersu via cwm or recovery mode. look at step 15.
      chinese rom is use to install cwm so we can install vibe ui using zip file method. if you install vibe ui using flash tool method then it wrong

    2. i have installed vibe excatly you said, using zip file method, i only used flashtool to install initial chinese stock rom , i have followed the steps, but after i install vibe, since its not rooted anymore, when i try to go to recovery, it will come up some chinese writings which i dont understand, i think after the installation new vibe, phone is not rooted anymore, and for now, there is no anyway to root it with current vroot type programs.

    1. You wrong, the point is the cwm read careful on step 12, when you in chinese rom you install root for install cwm recovery in cwm recovery you install vibe ui. The cwm is still there because you not reboot and go to vibe ui. Still on cwm install gapps and install root. If your cwm gone after install vibe ui it because you reboot your phone and select restore recovery when reboot process.

  1. hi, I have followed and did rooted , thank you very much, but now I have bigger problem, I cannot change imei numbers with mobile uncle tools, it says" command not allowed in user build", so if I cannot change imei, I cannot use it,please help me, thank you for your time.

    1. Hmmm.. I have several method but i hard to explain to you now because i am not infront my computer. I am using smartphone to replay your message, maybe on monday i will try just leave your email address i will try to help you. I has been lost my imei when i modified my phone all the method i try doesnot have good result but mtk droid tool give me god result so i suggest it to you. But i don't know if it not working for you. If i may know why you would change your imei?

  2. hi, thanks for your reply, its becouse of our country, we have to register any phone we bring from china and pay tax for imei registrattion, so we use the old phones imei number to add to new phones.i will wait your reply on monday.


  3. hi,Andy,sorry to bother you again, just want to check something with you, i have tried to install vibe rom on p780, but i couldnot change the imeis and i return back to original rom S135 version,than i installed vibe v1.0_1415 version, but in this version, i cannot install some banking apps, i could install on S135 but cannot on vibe rom, do you have any idea ,why some bankin apss cannot install on vibe?, i have tried to installed by disabling securuty app too, but no, still cannot install.
    thanks for your time.

    1. O maksudenya di wizard setting account gmailnya? Di skip aja masa gak bisa gan. Kalo gak bisa maaf saya blom bisa bantuin karena itu sudah harus memodifikasi gappsnya, yaitu disabe setup wizard jadi saya gak bisa maaf ya. Ane hanya menunjukkan caranya saja tidak sampai merubah aplikasi.

    2. wahh,, sayang bnget yaa.. y udah gan ,,, mkasi yaa ilmunya,,,
      oo ia,, klo di update lewat ota,, gapssnya beda lagi ya??
      lagi 1 gan,, ane download bbm apk dari pihak ke 3,, tpi ga bisa di buka,, ada saran??

  4. Dear All,
    I flashed above VIBE rom on my lenvo P780 ( EARLIER ROW VERSION) and every thing is successful but SIM 2 is not working i tried to restored IMEI data using mobile uncle tool but after that both sim stopped working later again i flashed the same and only sim 1 is working and SIM 2 IS NOT WORKING. PLEASE HELP ME HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. I DONT WANNA SWITCH TO ANY OTHER ROM AS I FLASHED IT AFTER VERY MUCH DIFFICULTY.

    YOU CAN ALSO MAIL ME SOLUTION AT [email protected]


    1. Hi,
      I would like you to do some test for me to indentification the problem. Please make dial call with sim 1 and sim2 do *#06# and tell me the result.
      Not work mean sim2 don't have a signal or sim 2 not recognize ? Please describe it.
      If you dial *#06# and result an invalid than it means you have lost your IMEI, just restore it using mobileuncle. Because you already have backup it right?

      Thank you


  5. Hi Andy,
    Maaf sebab sebelum ni komen di tmpt lain.. Hp P780, android version 4.4.2, baseband version P780.Row.V104, 2014/07/22, build number P78001_ROW_S220_140722.. Saya hrp Andy dpt tlg saya downgrade semula hp saya..

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