Installing Android Lollipop TWRP v2.8.6.3 on Lenovo K910


Installing Android Lollipop TWRP v2.8.6.3 on Lenovo K910 – Installing custom recovery TWRP v2.8.6.3 with material design on Lenovo K910L, means this guide is only for single SIM Lenovo K910 International Devices.
This guide is compatible with Android 4.4.x, CM 11, CM 12, and CM 12.1, according to the source this TWRP compiled from Android lollipop source. This guide will change or install custom recovery on your device Lenovo K910 it will make warranty void and has possibility to brick your device. so please careful and prepare backup before starting to following this guide.

Installing Android Lollipop TWRP v2.8.6.3 on Lenovo K910

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR)

Requirements :

  • Please make sure that you already enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910, look at this guide if you don’t know how to enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K910
  • The bootloader must be unlocked first before starting following this guide, this unlock guide will be available on the guide.
  • Must use windows operating system.
Downloads :
Installing Android Lollipop TWRP v2.8.6.3 on Lenovo K910
  1. Download above file 
  2. Extract file with 7zip program to the root on your drive, example c:K910FLASH_TWRP_recovery_K910L_4.4, please do not use any space on the folder.
  3. Run bat :
    FLASH_recovery_with_unlocked_bootloader.bat  this bat will only install custom recovery when bootloader is unlocked.
    FLASH_recovery_DD_with_root.bat  run this bat file if your device have locked bootloader, this bat will install recovery and make root right.
    RUN_recovery.bat  for one time run recovery with locked bootloader, this bat file will not install the recovery on your device.
  4. Just wait your device to reboot and boot to new recovery.
  5. done.
Congratulations, hope this guide can help you solve your problem regarding installing custom recovery and rooting Lenovo K910. Please leave comments if you found any problem and broken links regarding this guide.

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