Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2

03 Oct 2014

Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2 – Today guide we will modified our Lenovo S660 with changing the Lenovo Standard recovery with custom recovery TWRP v2.7.1.1 this is the latest version for TWRP and already mod so it can compatible with Lenovo S660. This modification needed when you wanna to root your Lenovo S660 running Android 4.4.2, Since Lenovo release Android 4.4.2 for it devices, rooting method cannot be done using framaroot, vroot, root genius and etc the solution for this is we must install custom recovery first then install root from recovery mode.
Even this guide already verify work for Lenovo S660, but this guide has possibility to brick your device, erase your data and erase Standard Lenovo recovery. Do full backup for your device first, ROM and IMEI backup.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  This guide will lose your ability to get OTA update (DWYOR)

Update 20-04-2015 : Use this link for european firmware TWRPv2.8.0.0 KitKat or you can see this Lenovo S660 Install TWRP v2.8.0.0 for KitKat

Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2

Downloads :

  • TWRP_S660CN ↦ Contains recovery.img and android scatter file that needed to flash with flash tool, this only for CN firmware
  • TWRP_S660EU ↦ Contains recovery.img and android scatter file that needed to flash with flash tool, this only for EU firmware ROW version
  • SP Flash Tool v3.1328 Recommended using this version but there is a possibility that we must use the newest version.
  • USB VCOM Driver ↦ Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Lenovo S660 Install Official Firmware S660_ROW_S039_140517
Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2
  1. Download all required files, place it at same folder for easy organized it. Extract SP Flash Tool v3.1328 and TWRP_S660EU on the same folder. Make sure you already completely installing USB VCom driver before continued to next step.
  2. Go to flash tool extracted folder and run Flash_Tool.exe, if you are using windows 7 or later please ensure that you running it using administrator privilege, on the flash tool check DA DL All with Checksum option. Now click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to TWRP_S660EU extracted folder and select MT6582_Android_scatter.txt, this will load recovery.img to flash tool.
    Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2
  3. When finish with flash tool, now press Download button or hit F9. This will show pop up that told not all images loaded correctly, just click Yes button. And flash tool become stand by mode waiting connection from your device.
    Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2
  4. Now turn off your device and remove the battery, connect your device with USB cable data to your computer, if USB VCom driver installed completely then flash tool will recognize your device and begin to start flashing process. This process only take 2-3 minutes and when you see GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of flash tool you save to disconnect your device
    Install TWRP on Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2
  5. Done, congratulation you already finish change your Lenovo Standard Recovery with custom recovery TWRP v2.7.1.1. confirm it with go to recovery mode turn off your device and then turn on with press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down button until you can see TWRP v2.7.1.1 main menu.
That it, a guide how to change Lenovo S660 standard Lenovo recovery with TWRP custom recovery, remember this guide will lose your ability to get OTA update. please leave comments if you got any problem regarding this guide.
    1. hi joenel,
      when you already successful root your device actually you can easily change the recovery using mobile uncle, but the problem is we could not found any cwm file that fit with Lenovo S650, so we only have TWRP file. actually there is a guide how to create cwm for your own device, look at this guide

  1. hi andy. i already install custom recovery for row because mine is row version and it successful but when i try to press and hold power+up+down button, the only thing shows up is the factory mode.hows that possible ?.i need help

    1. Hi,
      Repeat it again, factory mode can be open with press and hold volume up+power button, and recovery mode hold and press volume up+volume down+power button, just repeat it again and again. If you feel difficult just install mobile uncle from play store there is an menu to reboot to recovery mode

    2. mobile uncle can't help it. the recovery mode reboot option can only be access when the phone already rooted. but never mine i already rebooted to recovery by press n hold up+power button and not the power+up+down,i wonder why. btw, thnks for the help andy

  2. Hello Andy,

    sorry for the stupid question, but could you please help me to interpret this baseband version?:

    MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG,MP.V15.P6, 2014/06/12 11:01

    It's a result of an official OTA upgrade to 4.4.2 for sure, and everything seems to be designed now for serve the Chinese users purposes (like Google Play is gone now, I have a bunch of Chinese apps here, etc.), so I assume it's a CN firmware. I want to be sure that it is for real before I start to install this custom recovery.

    Could you please help me with that?

    Many thanks for your help in advance!

    1. Hi,
      That mean your current firmware is cn version, and when you update your device with OTA it will update to vibe ui 2.0, and that is cn version firmware. Cn version not include google apps and only contains 2 language en and cn.
      Lenovo have 2 kind firmware cn version and row version, if you wanna google play back than you need to install row version firmware. What is your device type? Lenovo s660 ? Follow this, but don't forget to backup firmware and IMEI

    2. hello Andy,

      thanks for your quick reply. Yes, it is an S660. Just one more question for now: for backup firmware and IMEI I want to follow the following guide of yours:

      It says I'll need a rooted phone for being able to make the backups this way. So – as my device is not rooted at the moment – it means that I have to follow the following order?:

      1. install TWRP based on this guide using the CN file -> prereq. for rooting
      2. root the phone based on this guide: -> prereq. for performing backups
      3. make the backups based on the guide mentioned above -> prereq. for flashing
      4. flash the RAW ROM based on the guide mentioned by you

      Is it the correct plan? I think it's complicated enough already, but please tell me if I need anything to do in addition 🙂

      Thank you for your help!

    3. Look like it the correct plan, but the first option i still don't know if it work with vibe ui 2.0 because i think it for vibe ui 1.5, but if you wanna try just give me the words.
      If the first plan is work then you can continued to the next to root you device and the do the backup. But if not work then just straight to install row version.

  3. hello Andy,

    if I understand you correctly you know that this TWRP works with Android 4.4.2, but you're not sure if it's compatible with the specific version I have (using VibeUI 2.0). In this case I think I'll go straight to install the ROW version, and hope there'll be nothing goes wrong 🙂

    Thanks for your hints, I'll tell you how it went.

    1. no it not true, it a fake blog. that blog use that title just to attract visitor visit to his blog, and if you came to that blog it just fake link and you never can upgrade to lollipop. if you not believe just try and click one of that link it will pop a adv and never get real download link

  4. Hi Andy,
    First of all thank you very much form all you re guides, we al would be like kids in the dark with our Lenovo smartphones 🙂
    Secondly, I had some troubles with TWRP, actually you're method worked great but still I could not access the recovery and it turned out that Button + Volume Up + Volume Down brings me to standard recovery screen but Button + Volume Up does the job !!!
    Another thing I noticed is that once you are able to open the TWRP recovery and will try to exit, it will first display a message that you re device is not rooted would you like to install the SuperSu ? This worked just fine for me the other things to do is just as describe in here:

    Thanks again and keep up the good work !

  5. Hi.
    I want to ask some questions. Now my lenovo S660 is on s058 firmware kitkat 4.4.2.
    I want to root my phone. Based on your guide, ( i need to install custom recovery TWRP first, and before doing that, i must back up ROM and IMEI. But, how can i back up the ROM and IMEI while my phone is not rooted yet? Because i read at the internet that for doing back up ROM and IMEI using MTK droid tools, the phone must be rooted first.
    What should i do first now?
    Thank you.

    1. hi,
      good question from you. yes do backup using MTK droid Tool need device to be rooted, i am already found how to backup without root device first and i wanna to share it in my blog but still not have time to write it because the article is long and very complicated. And for your problem just do the above guide, flashing recovery will not brick your device so just ignore the backup section and just follow the guide

  6. hi andy thans for your reply.. i really thankfull that i can finally root my phone. but i wan ask ather question. can i install this TWRP to firmware S062? because s062 is still kitkat 4.4.2, just like s058. Or any other TWRP installer for s062? thank you in advance.

    1. I think it not TWRP it still Lenovo standard recovery,
      TWRP is touch recovery so you use your touch screen to navigate it, try re flash the recovery again, and see if it change to TWRP if not contact me i will update the download link, maybe i am wrong.

  7. i tried that power button and volume up and there are 3 options recovery mode fast booth and
    normal boot and when i select recovery mode android image showed and theres no command …..

    i select twrp EU how do i know my phone is EU ??

    1. press volume up again when you see android image with triangle mark, if you still can see this i think you not success install custom recovery to your device.
      EU and CN not base on device, it base on firmware so it you use ROW than install EU, firmware version can be see on about phone software information.

  8. Hi, I tried installing TWRP, followed all the instruction for my Lenovo s660. I opted for EU file and there was no TWRP even when i got Green symbol. After that i opted for CN file and i received error 8038. PMT is ready and layout has been changed. Will you please tell me what should i do

    1. Open it first: My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager
      You can see MTxxxx Preload Driver immediately after you connect the usb cable…click right mouse on it and choose update driver.
      If you using Win XP and 7, the driver can automatically to install, however if you on win 8 or 10, it doesn't work at all, you need to disable driver signature verification firstly. Note: It's worth it to try removing SD Card when flashing.
      I'm already root my Lenovo S660 using ROM: S660_ROW_S062_141126. If you fail on Win 10, you can try flash it on Win 7. Everything is OK. Good luck.
      "Nếu ông dùng Win XP hoặc Win 7 thì nó sẽ ez hơn, còn nếu xài win 8 và win 10 thì cần "Disable driver signature verification" google là có cách làm. Tốt nhất thì cứ dùng win 7 cho chắc."

    2. Hi Andy, thank you so much for this guide.
      I want to add one additional suggestion as following:
      "+ If you press and hold "Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down" you will enter the factory mode. You can try press and hold combo button as below:
      + "Power Button + Volume Up" : entering the recovery mode menu."

  9. Yes,but the twrp 2.8 is for build S058 kk.
    But mine is S062 kk so if there is any problem to install it?
    When I search for custom ROM for my S660 in there I can see a twrp 3.0 recovery can I install it, is there any problem? Plz reply,thanks

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