Install Link2sd Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310


Install Link2sd Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310 – For some device sometime moving applications to external memory is needed because lack of internal memory. Some user Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310 ask me to give them tutorial on how to increase their internal memory, So i ask them to install Link2sd and link all user applications to sd card so it does not burden their internal memory.

Why i choose link2sd ??

  • link2sd support fat32 filesystem
  • link2sd can be installed on most android devices without any kernel changes.
  • easy to install and easy to configure.
  • it free and can be download from google play store.
For installing link2sd your device need to be root, you can read Root Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310 for rooting your device. This tutorial need to format your sd card for some reason, so please do backup first before doing this tutorial.

Disclaimer :

This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Requirements :

  • partition your sd card into 2 parts, the second partition can be fat32, ext2, ext3 or ext4. If you find it difficult to format using nix filesystem (ext2,ext3 dan ext4) then format it using windows filesystem (fat32). use Mini Tool Partition Wizard to do it.
  • minimum have class 8 sd card, because lower than class 8 make your device feel a little bit lag.
Install Link2sd Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310
  1. Install Link2sd from google play store.
  2. Open Link2sd, for the first launch it will pop up an options to select your second partition. Just click it and then click OK. Your device will be reboot automatically and create mount point, allow it if ask for root permission.
  3. Booting will be take longer than usually because link2sd still configure your applications and system so wait patiently. Open Link2sd again now go to upper left to open Menu run Relink all applications files, Relink library files and Link dalvik-cache files.

  4. Now go to upper right click on Menu > Settings look for Auto Link make sure it check. Go to Auto Link Settings check Link applications file, Link dalvik-cache file and Link library file

  5. Done. now every time you installing an applications it will link to your sd card.

That all, Hope this Install Link2sd Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310 article can help you from storage problem, please share this article is you think it useful…


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