Install CWM on Lenovo P780

19 Mar 2014
Install CWM on Lenovo P980

Install CWM on Lenovo P780 – Install CWM Recovery is the next thing we must do after successfully rooting your device. CWM Recovery is a popular custom recovery, this custom recovery have many useful functions. ClockworkMod recovery allow you to backup / restore, installation and maintenance operations on your android device. All of this function will be not found on your stock recovery. However installing custom recovery would be void your warranty so please consider it first before continued reading this article.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Do with your own risk rooting void your device warranty.

Requirement :

How to Install CWM on Lenovo P980
  1. Move / Copy recovery_P780_CWM_6.0.1.5.img  to your sc card, remember to copy it on root don’t copy on sub folder
  2. Install Mobileuncle MTK Tools to your device. 
  3. Run Mobileuncle, when your device already rooted then in upper left will be written ROOT. 
    Install CWM on Lenovo P980

  4. Then select Recovery Update 
    Install CWM on Lenovo P980
  5. Just wait and see the mobileuncle will try to find your recovery_P780_CWM_6.0.1.5.img file. When you place to file on root it will show.
    Install CWM on Lenovo P980
  6. Select it and wait, If it display message Booting to Recovery Mode then click on Yes button. your device will reboot automatically and it will on recovery mode.
  7. Done
This is tutorial is very easy to learn, however please consider it first to demonstrate it cause it can make you loss your data if something gone wrong or even brick your phone if you pick wrong recovery file. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments
    1. It means your device is bootloop, just try to go recovery mode using power buttons and power button combination. The try factory reset wipe data and cache. What happen this guide don't make a phone bootloop? What have you done?

    1. That a fatal mistake, now to recovery your device you must re install your device using original rom with sp flash tool. Because you pick wrong recovery file. Your device now don't have any recovery mode so to fix it you must on download mode.

  1. By using uncle tool, i flash recovery file and my phone lost sim card features, and work like tablet. later i did onece again with another recovery file, now my phone did not start it just appera "lenovo" for 10 second and blank screen for 10 seconds. how i can restore my phone?
    pl reply [email protected]

    1. If i may know what recovery do you use? It look like that you use wrong recovery file, and for your first problem is you lost your imei this a much easy to repair that the rwcovery problem. Contact me on hang out if i can i will try to help you

  2. Help! I tried to install the recovery.
    I put the files in /root but MobileUncle tools did not find them.
    But they suggested files from remote and I downloaded a file named P780_CWM_0624.
    I installed it and now the phone is in permanent boot loop.
    How can I recover the phone?

    Please help!

  3. It not fake like a clone
    AP set Product Authorised which actually is a phone of this type sold by the distributor is not official or not recognized by the manufacturer of a brand. The quality is almost the same as set ORI. Only difference is in the form of warranty where the warranty AP set is of importers and ORI is from the brand itself.)

    1. Hi,
      Yes and i think it cannot use this guide, but if you sure you can try it but i cannot guarantee about working or not because this recovery use Lenovo P780 specification and if you sure you device have same specs you can try it

    1. Then verify that it really root. Try to browse system folder and see at /xbin/ try search for su file if you cannot then your device not rooted. If can and you see su binary then just install supersu from google play store

  4. Hello I am using lenovo p780_row.
    Where can I download the recovery_P780_CWM_6.0.1.5.img ?
    The download link in the article is not working and has been redirected to some casino site.

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