Indian domain company sued by Facebook after creating fake Instagram and WhatsApp domains


Facebook files lawsuit against the Indian domain company for designing fake Instagram and Whatsapp domains

Everyone one or the other day comes across some fake websites operated by the looters or cybercriminals. These websites generally come with big names like Google, Facebook, Apple, and much more, with those names a user gets a trust easily and add its information that cost them in future. The basic aim of these fake websites is to gain as much information a user can share and then mislead that data. But Facebook has been an active member of eliminating these fake websites that can cause data to lose or can lead to any cyberthreat.

Well, now Facebook has filed a lawsuit against an Indian domain company that sold some 12 domains that tend to be in the names of Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. Facebook as filed the lawsuit against Compsys Domain Solutions Private Ltd in Virginia. Christen Dubois, Director and Associate General Counsel, IP Litigation said that they took the step to prevent fraud and stop the malicious use of our company and product names.

In order to prevent fraud and stop the malicious use of our company and product names, we filed a lawsuit in Virginia today against 12 domain names registered by India-based proxy service Compsys Domain Solutions Private Ltd. that were designed to deceive people by impersonating our family of apps, like:, and

Christen Dubois, Director and Associate General Counsel, IP Litigation

Facebook regularly scans the internet for domain names and apps that infringe on our trademarks and this lawsuit is part of this ongoing effort to protect people from phishing, credential theft and other methods of online fraud

The Facebook IP Litigation Director said that they also reached the Indian company before filing a case against them, but after not being responded by them they decided to file the lawsuit.

This is not the first time when Facebook has sued a company for designing fake domains in its family apps names. Facebook previously sued OnlineNIC back in October 2019 and popular domain provider Namecheap for domains that allegedly intended to “deceive people by pretending to be affiliated with Facebook apps.

Lastly, the company said that We don’t want people to be deceived, so we take legal action against misleading domains and we will continue to take legal action to protect the people who use our services.

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