India vs China: India’s TTK Prestige decides to stop importing parts from China


India’s Largest Kitchen Appliances maker TTK Prestige decides to stop importing parts from China

TTK Prestige Limited is an Indian company that manufactures kitchen appliances and cookware, under the Prestige brand. The company is best known for its pressure cookers. Well, as you know the raising border tensions between India and China have led to Make in India campaign and boycott Chinese products. The TTK Prestige has also now decided to stone items and parts that are required to make the company’s products.

Making the decision public, chairman of TTK Prestige TT Jagannathan has made it clear that his company will not procure any parts or items from China post 30 September by when its already placed orders would have been closed.

Jagannathan said that the decision of the company comes in a display of solidarity for the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers on the midnight of 15-16 June along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Eastern Ladakh region.

“We have decided not to source anything from China after our current orders are executed,” TT Jagannathan, chairman of TTK Prestige said. “We will locally produce those items which we imported from China or look at other markets like Vietnam or Turkey,” he said. Five years ago the company was sourcing a third of its parts or appliances from China. For now, it imports 10% of all its requirements from China.

The recent clash between India and China served as the second trigger to accelerate this process of stopping imports from China from September 30 onwards because of prior buying commitments already made. No Chinese container will be accepted by TTK Prestige after September 30. However, as a responsible buyer who shouldn’t go back on our earlier commitments to buy from China, we will buy till then.

Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige, told BusinessLine

We also saw how an Indian Jawan posted a video of going to the Ladakh and asks Indians to boycott Chinese products and app, you can check the video below:

They put their lives on the line for us. Can’t we listen to them at least once and boycott Chinese goods?

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