India vs China: India blocks Chinese companies from participating in Highway Projects


India blocks Chinese companies from participating in Highway Projects

Everyone must be aware of the ongoing border problems between India and China. We have also come across multiple campaigns in India that want the citizens to boycott Chinese products and services. One for them has come true when the Indian Government imposed a ban on over 59 Chinese apps including TikTok and UC browser a couple of days ago. Here is the complete list of Chinese apps that are now banned in India and here are its alternatives.

Well, nowhere is another supreme move deployed by the Indian Union Minister to boycott the services of the Chinese regime. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday amid border standoff with China, India will not allow Chinese companies to participate in highway projects, including those through joint ventures. Gadkari also said the government will ensure that Chinese investors are not entertained in various sectors like Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The Union Minister announced that the government will formulate a policy soon with a ban on Chinese firms and relaxing norms for Indian companies to expand their eligibility criteria for participation in the highway projects. Stating that only a few projects are there involving Chinese partners, Gadkari said the new decision will be implemented in the current and upcoming tenders. With respect to existing tenders and future bids, Gadkari said rebidding would be done if there are any Chinese joint ventures.

“We have taken a decision to relax norms for our companies to ensure that they qualify in bidding in large projects. I have directed the Highways Secretary (Giridhar Aramane) and NHAI Chairman (SS Sandhu) to hold a meeting for relaxing technical and financial norms so that our companies can qualify to work,” he said.

According to him, qualification norms for projects are being rationalized to ensure Indian companies do not require to enter into pacts with foreign partners to grab projects. “Even if we have to go for a foreign joint venture in the areas of technology, consultancy, or design, we will not allow Chinese,” the Minister said.

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