India vs China: China accuses India of violating World Trade Organization rules by banning 59 apps


China accuses India of violating World Trade Organization rules by banning 59 apps

A couple of days ago we saw the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Hulu, and UC Browser. According to the National Security Council with further plans to assess the risk associated with each app. A potential concern is that the apps not just leak data, but might also be used to degrade network conditions in case of conflict. We have also listed the Alternatives of these banned apps so it becomes easier for the users.

China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday that it hopes India would correct its discriminatory actions against Chinese companies immediately after India banned Chinese mobile apps amid a border crisis between the two countries.

China has not taken any retaliatory measures in response to India’s actions and a return to normal is in the best interests of both countries, Commerce Ministry spokesperson Gang Feng told reporters, according to the ministry’s website.

“India’s relevant practices violate relevant World Trade Organization rules. It is hoped that the Indian side will immediately correct the discriminatory practices against China and Chinese enterprises,” Gao said.

The raising border tensions between India and China led to multiple campaigns against Chinese products. These anti-Chinese product feelings among Indians also got a fillup when Indian Prime Minister Modi gave vocal for local mantra to Indians. PM Modi called on Indians to support Indian products and shun foreign goods as a part of the Atmanirbharat Bharat campaign to revive the Indian economy after suffering huge losses due to coronavirus pandemic.

We also saw, to take advantage of this anti-Chinese product and a pro-Indian feeling among Indians, a developer, OneTouch Apps Lab has launched an App dedicated to solely removing Chinese Apps from your Android smartphones. The App is called ‘Remove China Apps’ and detects Apps developed by Chinese developers and publishers and gives a one-click option to users to delete them.

What do you think about the Chinese Ministry’s reply over the 59 banned apps in India? Do mention your views in the comment section below. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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