If your city or town has a vulgar name, Pornhub is giving you free premium subscription


The world’s leading adult entertainment website, Pornhub is giving FREE PREMIUM ACCESS to people living in cities and towns with vulgar names, because they ‘deserve’ it

The world thrives on philanthropy but this is quite unique! Pornhub, the premier adult entertainment website is giving a free premium subscription to people living in cities and towns with vulgar x-rated names.

So if your city/town is named Fucking, Horneytown, or Balls Creek, you can head straight away to Pornhub and claim premium subscription.

The project, called Pornhub Premium Places, will give residents in towns like Fort Dick, California; Cumbum, India; and Fucking, Austria free access to Pornhub Premium.

Pornhub claims that it is offering premium account subscription to such citizens because they have to live the ignominy of staying in such unholy place. Pornhub says that they selected the above places because all of them have names with sexual connotations.

The site shared the news on their official Twitter account through a promotional video and a tweet: “Do you live in Lower Dicker? If you live in one of those special towns that formerly made you embarrassed to state your location, fret not. They are now part of “Premium Places” and you get FREE access to Pornhub Premium because you deserve it!” Cumbum town in Tamil Nadu is one of these “premium places”.

The offer is good worldwide, from the Canadian town of Climax to Blowhard, Australia, but there are ten cities in the US that qualify:

  • Fort Dick, California
  • Hooker, Oklahoma
  • Bohners Lake, Wisconsin
  • Climax, Michigan
  • French Lick, Indiana
  • Big Bone, Kentucky
  • Horneytown, North Carolina
  • Cumming, Georgia
  • Big Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • Threeway, Virginia

While Pornhub team has taken care to include every town and city it considers of having a negative name, it may have missed some. If you live in a city that sounds weird and has a sexual pun, tweet about it with hashtag #PremiumPlaces and Pornhub will consider giving you free premium access as well.

We request Pornhub to add Lund in Sweden and Bhosari in Maharastra, India to the list as well. The word Lund and Bhosari have a very ulterior connotation about it in Hindi which every Indian knows!


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