IBM announces 1000 paid internships for P-TECH students to diversify tech talent


IBM announces 1000 paid internships for P-TECH students to diversify tech talent

Ptech is known as Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools are innovative public schools spanning grades 9 to 14 that bring together the best elements of high school, college, and career. This new education model was co-developed by IBM working together with educators, policymakers, and elected officials. P-TECH is designed to be both widely replicable and sustainable, as part of a national effort to reform career and technical education.

IBM has now announced that it will provide 1000 internships for the United States P-TECH students instead of the 150 they used to earlier.

“The fight against racism and racial inequality is as urgent as ever. Despite much progress since the Civil Rights movement, Black people are still significantly affected by poverty, unemployment, segregated housing, and other injustices in the United States.”


Many of the scholars who participated in P-TECH, a grade 9-to-14 education model pioneered by IBM in partnership with educators, have completed the six-year program early — some in under four years — and many are the first in their family to earn a college degree.

“At IBM, one way we are taking action in advocating for social justice and racial equality is by advancing education, skills, and jobs. Today, as part of our ongoing efforts, we are pleased to announce the creation of 1,000 paid internships for P-TECH students in the United States from now until December 31, 2021. This commitment is a 10x incremental increase from our most recent internship goals.”


There are currently 30 P-TECH graduates working full-time at IBM in New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. Some of these graduates are participating in IBM’s industry-leading apprentice program, and more graduates are in the hiring pipeline.

“We aspire to create more open and equitable pathways to employment for all regardless of background. It’s about generating the skills and training that lead to good jobs. We will continue the fight to bring new faces to the tech industry that truly reflect the demographics of our communities.”


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